NCUA's Privacy Act Statements

The Privacy Act requires federal agencies to provide a notice, or “Privacy Act statement” whenever an agency asks for an individual's personal information (usually on a form) and the information will become part of a system of records. The Privacy Act statement must explain why the personal information is being collected and how it will be used.

Below is NCUA’s Privacy Act Statement for information collected and maintained in NCUA-22, Examination and Supervision System.


AUTHORITY: 12. U.S.C. 1751 et. seq.

Disclosure of the requested information is not mandatory.

PURPOSE: To evaluate safety and soundness, and determine and implement appropriate supervision plans.

ROUTINE USE(S): The information you provide may be shared with parties outside NCUA as necessary to conduct examination and supervision activities, including to other regulatory agencies, or to appropriate federal, state, or local government agencies as needed, or when required by law. A complete list of Routine Uses is available at NCUA-22, Examination and Supervision System, 84 FR 11331.

EFFECTS OF NOT PROVIDING INFORMATION: The information is needed to evaluate your credit union’s risk areas. Failure to provide some or all of the information requested may affect appropriate supervision and examination activities.

SORN: NCUA-22, Examination and Supervision System, 84 FR 11331.

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