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For us to succeed as a federal financial institutions regulator, the NCUA needs talented and dedicated employees who are committed to the highest standards public service. We count on our employees’ experience, judgement, insight, background, education, integrity, and training to help us accomplish our mission of safety and soundness.

We are looking for talented individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise. Not only do we need individuals with backgrounds in accounting, we also need individuals with expertise in compliance, human resources, finance, information technology, cybersecurity, management, and payment systems.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

We include diversity and inclusion among the NCUA’s core values. We believe they are critical business imperatives directly linked to achieving our safety and soundness mission.

Here are just some of the careers available at the NCUA:

Credit Union Examiners

Credit union examiners plan, conduct, and complete examinations of federally chartered credit unions and the workday varies from one credit union examination to the next. Examiners play an important role in maintaining confidence in the credit union system by ensuring that is operating in a safe and sound manner and complying with all federal laws and regulations.

Video: Day in the Life of a Credit Union Examiner

Photo: Gwanda
Meet Our People: Gwanda

Credit Union Examiner
Southern Region

Legal Professionals

The NCUA provides attorneys and other legal professionals with opportunities to work on unique and significant legal issues related to regulation, financial services and consumer financial protection. Our legal professionals represent the agency in litigation, draft regulations to ensure the continued safety and soundness of the credit union system, and advise the NCUA Board on policy and general legal matters.

Photo: Pamela
Meet Our People: Pamela

Attorney Advisor
Office of General Counsel

Information Technology Specialists

The growing use of technology in the financial services sector means the NCUA must keep pace with innovation. Our information technology specialists help us assess the credit union systems’ level of cyber preparedness, monitor for emerging cyber risks, develop new business analytic tools, find new and better management processes, and maintain a dynamic and secure IT infrastructure at the agency.

Photo: Jerry
Meet Our People: Jerry

Regional Information Systems Officer
Western Region

Other Professionals

The NCUA has opportunities for professionals with variety of backgrounds and experience. This includes human resource specialists, emergency management professionals, financial management specialists, editors, graphic designers, economists, statisticians and procurement specialists, among other professions.

All of the NCUA’s job openings are listed on, the federal government's official job site. Note that some jobs are only open to applicants who are already federal government employees. All other jobs are open to all U.S. citizens.

Photo: Amber
Meet Our People: Amber

Supervisory Assistant for Business Innovation
Office of Business Innovation

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The NCUA includes diversity and inclusion among its core values and this includes hiring veterans.

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