From the Office of the Chairman

Photo of the Honorable Rodney E. Hood

The Honorable Rodney E. Hood, Chairman

  • Reducing Regulatory Burdens

    Our goal is to create a streamlined and modernized regulatory and supervisory system that encourages innovation, provides flexibility, and fulfills our primary mission of protecting safety and soundness. We’re trying to take prudent steps to balance the needs of the industry, the needs of your members, and the realities of the financial system as a whole. Read more >>

  • Increasing Financial Inclusion

    At the NCUA, we’re always looking for ways we can support you in that mission. We want to give you the tools you need to better serve all of these populations and communities who are being overlooked. These are worthwhile goals we can work toward without compromising the safety and soundness of any of the institutions under our oversight. Read more >>

  • Implementing the Second Chance Initiative

    Where appropriate, I want to encourage the financial services industry to take reform-minded steps that better meet the needs of the communities and citizens we serve. A good place to start would be extending “second chance” opportunities to job applicants with old criminal records for minor, non-violent offenses. A great many of these Americans face barriers to hiring that leave them unemployed or underemployed. We should not be afraid to give people a second chance if they have made a good faith effort to rehabilitate themselves and have paid their debt to society. Read more >>

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