Comments on Proposed Credit Union Mergers

The NCUA’s Rules and Regulations allow credit union members to comment on the proposed merger of two federally insured credit unions. To submit comments, find your credit union in the table listed below and use the link to go to the credit union-specific comment area. The NCUA will post your name along with your comments. As a result, do not include any personally identifiable information in your submitted comments or attachments.

We will review, redact and post submitted comments within four business days of receipt, up until the date of the member vote. A comment received four business days prior to the member vote meeting may not be posted until after the meeting. Please note that we will not post any attachments submitted.

The NCUA does not endorse, approve or disapprove comments or any reasons stated in support of or against the proposed merger. We are posting them only to facilitate dialogue among the members of the proposed merging credit union. We also reserve the right not to post a comment that we believe is false, egregious, or unrelated to the proposed merger.

For more information, please refer to NCUA’s Letter to Credit Unions, 18-CU-03, “Member-to-Member Communications Process for Federally Insured Merging Credit Unions.”

Merging Credit Union Continuing Credit Union Date of Member Vote Comment URL
Unity American Heritage 10/7/2019
Mapleton Public Schools Westerra 10/7/2019
M.A. Ford Employees Ascentra 10/4/2019
Bi-County PTC BlueOx 9/26/2019
Lauhoff Employees Landmark 9/24/2019
Northampton V.A.F. UMassFive College 9/20/2019
People's Choice Citymark 9/19/2019
Express-News Randolph-Brooks 9/19/2019
SB Community Service 1 9/17/2019
People's First America's First 9/17/2019
River Cities Community Frontier Community 9/16/2019
Deer Valley Canyon State 9/14/2019
Postal Employees of Troy,  N.Y. Capital Communications 9/12/2019
Monarch Firefighters & Company 9/4/2019
CARCO Educational Systems 8/29/2019
Cornerstone Community Vibrant 8/29/2019
Hawaii Pacific Aloha Pacific 8/28/2019
Electchester Consumers 8/27/2019
Cosmopolitan Community Church Israel Methcomm 8/27/2019
Good Counsel Brooklyn Cooperative 8/25/2019
School District 162/163 Employees Illiana Financial 8/22/2019
South Florida Guardians 8/22/2019 
Cross Roads United Consumer 8/20/2019
Healthcare 1st Potomac 8/20/2019
The Labor Badger-Globe 8/14/2019
The Partnership NASA 8/14/2019
Grace Congregational Church Neighborhood Trust 8/11/2019
Antioch M.B. 1st MidAmerica 8/4/2019
F.C.S. Texas Tech 8/1/2019
Metro-North Birmingham-Bloomfield 7/29/2019
Inspirus Gesa 7/23/2019
North Side Community Great Lakes 7/18/2019
Ohio Operating Engineers Best Reward 7/13/2019
Danbury Cyanamid Employees Cornerstone Community 7/10/2019
Shelby Community 1st Liberty 7/9/2019
Oak Point Employees NAS JRB 7/9/2019
Energy Services SPIRE 6/29/2019
Hanesbrands Members 6/26/2019
Southeast Texas Employees FivePoint 6/25/2019
FME Community Choice 6/25/2019
CT1 Media Hartford 6/19/2019
Holy Rosary Church Corner Post 6/19/2019
Erie Metro Financial Trust 6/18/2019
Boyds Mid-Atlantic 6/14/2019
McClatchy Employees First U.S. Community 6/10/2019
Gilt Edge Employees Communication 6/3/2019
Sangamo-Oconee Employees S.C. State 5/31/2019
S. W. E. East Texas Professional 5/22/2019
Lynn-CO Texas Tech 5/7/2019
Northern California Latvian California Lithuanian 4/30/2019
Entrust Financial ValleyStar 4/26/2019
Bard Employees Baxter 4/15/2019
Price Chopper Employees Sunmark 4/15/2019


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