Comments on Proposed Credit Union Mergers

The NCUA’s Rules and Regulations allow credit union members to comment on the proposed merger of two federally insured credit unions. To submit comments, find your credit union in the table listed below and use the link to go to the credit union-specific comment area. The NCUA will post your name along with your comments. As a result, do not include any personally identifiable information in your submitted comments or attachments.

We will review, redact and post submitted comments within four business days of receipt, up until the date of the member vote. A comment received four business days prior to the member vote meeting may not be posted until after the meeting. Please note that we will not post any attachments submitted.

The NCUA does not endorse, approve or disapprove comments or any reasons stated in support of or against the proposed merger. We are posting them only to facilitate dialogue among the members of the proposed merging credit union. We also reserve the right not to post a comment that we believe is false, egregious, or unrelated to the proposed merger.

For more information, please refer to NCUA’s Letter to Credit Unions, 18-CU-03, “Member-to-Member Communications Process for Federally Insured Merging Credit Unions.”

Merging Credit Union Continuing Credit Union Date of Member Vote Comment URL
Credit Union of the Berkshires Greylock 9/16/2021
Romeoville Community Canals & Trails 9/11/2021
KASE FCU Pheple FCU 9/9/2021
Utilities CU Royal CU 9/9/2021
All Soulds Rockland Employees 9/4/2021
Holston Methodist Interfaith 9/3/2021
South Division Scott 8/30/2021
Essex County NJ Employees Essex County Teachers 8/26/2021
South Bend Post Office Partners 1st 8/26/2021
St. Francis Medical Center Aloha Pacific 8/21/2021
Fairmont Village GCS 8/16/2021
Borinquen Community FCU Puerto Rico FCU 8/7/2021
Green River Basin FCU WyHy FCU 8/5/2021
ATL FCU Honor CU 8/3/2021
Fort McPherson CU Georgia’s Own CU 8/3/2021
Central Hanna Employees CU SPIRE CU 7/29/2021
Horizons FCU Empower FCU 7/27/2021
Unity Birmingham-Bloomfield 7/24/2021
Otter Tail Dawson Co-op 7/22/2021
Owosso WBC Frankenmuth 7/15/2021
Arrowpointe Founders 7/13/2021
Norton-Troy Employees Hudson River Community 7/13/2021
Third Coast Coastlife 7/8/2021
St. Vincent Hospital Central One 6/30/2021
St. Thomas Employee Catholic United Financial 6/29/2021
AE Goetze Employees CU First Alliance CU 6/28/2021
S.A.I.F. FCU La Capitol FCU 6/24/2021
Coshocton FCU CES CU 6/21/2021
CONE CU Simplicity CU 6/21/2021
Coulee Dam FCU Spokane Teachers CU 6/21/2021
Mountain Gem CU Potlatch No. 1 Financial CU 6/15/2021
CTA C&M FCU 77th Street Depot FCU 6/15/2021
Solano First FCU Valley Strong CU 6/10/2021
Burns & McDonnell Community America 6/8/2021
Jeff Davis Teachers CSE 6/3/2021
Electrogas Altonized Community 5/31/2021
Lighthouse Community Rivermark Community 5/27/2021
Legacy Consolidated 5/26/2021
MEM Century Heritage 5/26/2021
Good Samaritan Voyage 5/20/2021
Morton Weeks Maple 5/19/2021
Roper Corporation Employees CU Tennessee Valley FCU 5/18/2021
Western States Regional FCU Rancho FCU 5/12/2021
Construction Industries CU First Nebraska CU 5/9/2021
Members Choice Indiana Members 4/28/2021
Firestone Lake Charles Pelican State 4/27/2021
Animas Sandia Laboratory 4/26/2021
Kuakini Medical & Dental Hawaiian Financial 4/22/2021
Tesoro Northwest North Coast 4/21/2021
Infinity Deere Employees 4/15/2021
Bacharach Employees Pheple 4/14/2021
Greater Watertown FCU FD Community FCU 4/12/2021
Leyden Partnership Financial 4/5/2021
First General CU Community Choice CU 4/1/2021
Nishna Valley CU Community 1st CU 5/7/2021
Dill FCU Vision Financial FCU 3/30/2021
United Neighbors FCU Sea Comm FCU 3/30/2021
Premier Charlotte Metro 3/29/2021
First Reliance FCU Hallco Community CU 3/23/2021
Cal Poly FCU SchoolsFirst FCU 3/23/2021
Winthrop University Hospital Employees FCU New York University FCU 3/22/2021
Glamour FCU Puerto Rico FCU 3/19/2021
Riegelwood FCU REV FCU 3/19/2021
First Credit Union of Scranton Penn East 3/16/2021
Riverside Health System Employees 1st Advantage 3/11/2021
B.C.S Community Community Choice 3/5/2021
Hamlet REV 3/5/2021
Lancaster PA Firemen Penlanco 2/26/2021
Xceed Financial FCU Kinecta FCU 2/26/2021
Consolidated Controls Corp Mutual Security 2/23/2021
Munseetown Community FCU First County FCU 2/15/2021
FIAFE FCU Central Credit Union of Maryland 2/10/2021
Diversified Spire 2/10/2021
General Portland Peninsular Employees Midwest Community 2/4/2021
Greenup County FCU Members Choice CU 2/3/2021
Gloucester Municipal Metro 1/28/2021
Columbus Metro Telhio 1/26/2021
Canoga Postal Gain 1/25/2021
Groton Municipal Employees America’s First Network 1/12/2021
Canaan University of Illinois Community 1/10/2021
C&O United Northern Kentucky Educators' 12/28/2020
Firefly TruStone Financial 12/28/2020
Post Office Pentagon 12/28/2020
Penobscot County The County 12/21/2020
Muhlenberg Community Hospital Green River Area 12/21/2020
Lower Valley Self-Help 12/15/2020
Florida State Employees Members First Credit Union of Florida 12/15/2020
Bay Ridge Lodge No 632 Consumers 12/14/2020
Kelco Chessie 12/11/2020
Cascade Central Consolidated 12/8/2020
SourceOne Corporate American Family CU 12/8/2020
Bardes Employees Cinfed 12/7/2020
Chicago Central & Commerce Cedar Falls Community 12/6/2020
Greater Wyoming NuVision 12/3/2020
Pike Teachers Guardian 12/3/2020
State College Horizon 11/30/2020
RSC YO/CL Offices Associated School Employees 11/30/2020
Webster Finger Lakes 11/30/2020
First Tulsa Communication 11/30/2020
Hilco Kerr County 11/28/2020
Loup Employees Louisiana 11/19/2020
Malheur Rogue 11/17/2020
Saint Matthews Chartway 11/16/2020
Whetelco  Bayer Heritage 11/13/2020
Washtenaw CP Financial 11/10/2020
Columbia Greene Sunmark 10/27/2020
Hudson River Financial Sunmark 10/26/2020
Coastal Teachers Cal-Com 10/21/2020
River Valley Members Advantage Community 10/21/2020
Northstar Numark 10/17/2020
Sperry Associates Pentagon 9/30/2020
Esquire-Goodfellowship Consumers 9/28/2020
MBFT Nymeo 9/23/2020
GO America’s 9/22/2020
Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation Troy Employees Capital Communications 9/15/2020
Louvah Abound 9/18/2020
GPCE Florida State University 9/16/2020
S. I. Employees Saratoga's Community 9/10/2020
United Methodist First Choice Interfaith 9/10/2020
Riverset Allegent Community 9/9/2020
Connecticut Transit America’s First Network 8/26/2020
Longview Consolidated Barksdale 8/24/2020
Golden Eagle FCU Employees FCU 8/17/2020
Anderson S.C. Telco 8/11/2020
Asbestos Workers Local 53 FCU Electrical Workers Local 130 FCU 8/11/2020
Everman Parkway America's 8/9/2020
Standard Register Pathways Financial 8/5/2020
East Ohio Gas Cleveland Operating Employees Dominion Energy 7/23/2020
Buffalo Cooperative Good Neighbors 7/16/2020
Ball State Financial Center First 7/14/2020
Formica-Evendale Sharefax 7/11/2020
Charleston County Teachers South Carolina 7/10/2020
IRSE Cooperative Choice Network 7/9/2020
Partners Financial Peoples Advantage 7/1/2020
Al Gar Chessie 6/29/2020
Homeport Gulf Coast 6/26/2020
N. W. Iowa Siouxland 6/25/2020
C & NW Proviso First Financial 6/19/2020
GEICO Baxter 6/19/2020
District 05 DOTD Centric 6/18/2020
Icon Horizon 6/11/2020
C & H Sugar Employees 1st Northern California 6/9/2020
Tazewell County Government Employees Kemba Peoria 6/8/2020
Spartanburg City Employees South Carolina 6/23/2020
Fluke Employees Sound 5/25/2020
Southwest Health Care Canyon State 5/20/2020 
Michael Baker International Clearview 5/19/2020
Bayonne Hospital Employees Liberty Savings 5/15/2020
Winslow Community Connected 5/13/2020
Glenview Partnership Financial 5/12/2020
Third Coast Navy Army Community 5/12/2020
West York Area School District Employees First Capital 5/6/2020
Brassies Family Savings 4/25/2020
Habersham HallCo Community 4/21/2020
St. Columbkille All Saints 4/16/2020
Andigo Consumer Cooperative 4/9/2020
Three Rivers Georgia's Own 4/9/2020
Greenup County DESCO Postponed
Alabama Rural Electric Alabama One 4/1/2020
St. James Hospital Employees Illiana Financial 3/25/2020
South Jersey Gas Employees Jersey Shore 3/25/2020
St. Jude First Northern 3/19/2020
Northern Paper Mills Fox Communities 3/18/2020
Valley Gas Employees Mutual 3/17/2020
Webster United Carter 3/16/2020
Chesterfield Virginia Credit Union, Inc. 3/16/2020
Mercy Health Partners SUN 3/10/2020
American Hammered Five Star of Maryland     3/9/2020
Local 229 IBEW White Rose 2/13/2020
McCabe Hamilton & Renny Aloha Pacific 2/4/2020
Connecticut America's First Network   1/10/2020
McCabe Hamilton & Renny Aloha Pacific 12/13/2019
Motor City Co-op Christian Financial 12/10/2019
Delta County Embers 12/10/2019 
River Cities Community Frontier Community 9/16/2019
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