MERIT Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What Is MERIT?

The Modern Examination and Risk Identification Tool (MERIT) is NCUA’s modernized examination tool replacing AIRES. NCUA is piloting MERIT with a limited number of NCUA staff, state supervisory authorities, and credit unions.

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How Can Credit Unions Use MERIT to Interact with Examiners?

Beyond providing a better tool to examiners, we implemented more efficient and secure ways to interact with credit unions during the examination process. To that end, our requirements for the new examination solution included ways for credit unions to securely send documents and data files to examiners, retrieve examination reports, and respond to examination findings through MERIT.

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Do Examiners have access to the document request survey before it is submitted and complete?

No. Examiners can only access documents once they are submitted to the examiner through a document request survey.

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How do I Get Access to MERIT?

The NCUA Connect administrator for your organization will grant access to NCUA Connect and users will receive an email notification to set up their NCUA Connect account. Once complete, users will have access to MERIT.

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What Are the NCUA’s Information Security Requirements?

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