Data Exchange Application Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What Is DEXA?

DEXA is the NCUA’s web-based data ingest tool used primarily by credit unions and examiners to import credit union member loan and share data for examination supervision purposes. DEXA replaces and improves functionality previously used in AIRES.

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How Do I Get Access to DEXA?

Admin Portal administrators grant users access to DEXA by requesting access to MERIT. The MERIT application request includes DEXA. Once approved by the NCUA, users will receive an email notification and can log in to NCUA Connect. DEXA will be a tile on the user’s dashboard.

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Has the AIRES loan/share schema changed?

No. The member loan and share download requirements remain unchanged at this time. Files that follow the schema in NCUA Letter to Credit Unions 03-CU-05 can be imported into DEXA.

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What is the loan/share type map template and where can I find it?

The mapping template is used to map the credit union’s loan/share type codes to a standard NCUA list of type codes for better analytics and loan review selection. There are separate type map templates for loans and another one for shares. A type map template is required to upload loan and share files through DEXA. The type map templates can be found on the DEXA webpage.

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What Are the NCUA’s Information Security Requirements?

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