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Open Government

​​​​​Welcome to NCUA’s Open Government page.

NCUA is committed to being a model corporate citizen. The agency works tirelessly to serve the American people and hold its employees and leaders to the highest standards of conduct, financial management, professionalism and ethics. In addition, NCUA is committed to being as transparent as possible about its budget, operations and policy. This openness is essential to fulfilling the agency’s statutory mission and maintaining public trust.

Here are NCUA’s initiatives to increase the public’s awareness of NCUA’s mission and role in ensuring broader financial stability.

Budget and Supplementary Materials

NCUA spends its resources effectively and efficiently without sacrificing the agency’s core mission and protecting the safety and soundness or the goal of making the agency and employer of choice. In developing its budget each year, the agency uses a zero-based budgeting approach justifying every projected expense. More

Strategic Planni​ng

Find current and past publications on NCUA's performance, strategy, budget planning and diversity efforts. More

Freedom of Information Act

Like all federal agencies, NCUA’s Freedom of Information Act Office helps the public access to agency information and records. Users can make an information request, view detailed information about our information request process and review reports documenting our compliance with the Freedom of Information Act. More


NCUA’s Ombudsman reviews consumer complaints and recommends possible solutions. The issues generally result from process concerns. As a consumer, you may choose to bring your concern to the Ombudsman after attempting to obtain resolution from the NCUA Consumer Assistance Center. More

Annual Report​

These reports review the agency’s performance each year and include the audited financial statements for NCUA’s four permanent funds: the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund the NCUA Operating Fund, the Central Liquidity Facility, and the Community Development Revolving Loan Fund. More​

Accessibility, Assistance to Persons with Limited English Proficiency, Exit Statements

Find information about NCUA's Section 508 Accessibility efforts. NCUA's Plan to Assist Persons with Limited English Proficiency details the agency’s efforts to provide persons with limited English proficiency meaningful access to NCUA programs and services as required under Executive Order 13166 and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. More

Plain Writing Act

The Plain Writing Act of 2010 is intended to improve the effectiveness and accountability of federal agencies to the public and promote clearly written government communications that the public can easily understand and use. More

Supervisory Review Committee

It’s NCUA's policy is to maintain good communication with all the credit unions it supervises. Credit unions, examiners and regional and central office staff are encouraged to resolve disagreements informally and expeditiously. Should these issues remain unresolved, the Supervisory Review Committee and other appeal processes are available for certain disputes. More

​Agency Working Groups

Call Report Modernization

In May 2016, the NCUA Board announced an initiative to modernize how the agency collects critical regulatory and financial data from credit unions. The project is managed by an internal working group and will engage external stakeholders during its efforts. More

Exam Flexibility Initiative

The Exam Flexibility Initiative internal working group, established by Chairman Rick Metsger, to evaluate the agency's largest function-its examination and supervision program. More

Enterprise Solution Mod​​​​ernizat​​​​ion

The Enterprise Solution Modernization (ESM) program is a multi-year effort to introduce emerging and secure technology solutions that support the NCUA’s examination, data collection and reporting efforts to improve key, integrated business processes. More

9/26/2018 1:20 PM