The Ombudsman assists in resolving problems by helping the complainant define options and by recommending actions to the parties involved, but the Ombudsman cannot at any time decide on matters in dispute or advocate the position of the complainant, NCUA or other parties. The Ombudsman does not handle any matter:

  • subject to formal review as set forth in NCUA Regulations or IRPSs;
  • involving an enforcement action where a notice of charges has been filed;
  • in litigation;
  • involving a conservatorship or liquidation; or
  • within the Inspector General's jurisdiction

All information and materials obtained as a result of a complainant's interview and any confidential records gathered during an investigation will be used only for purposes of the investigation and will not be disclosed outside of the Ombudsman's Office. The Ombudsman will make recommendations to appropriate agency officials for systemic changes to deal with recurring problems revealed through investigations. The Ombudsman reports to the NCUA Board and is independent from operational programs.

Shameka Sutton is the NCUA's Acting Ombudsman.


PHONE:   703.518.1175
FAX:   703.518.1757

Mailing Address:

National Credit Union Administration
Attn: Ombudsman
1775 Duke St.
Alexandria, VA 22314

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