Low-Income Designation

​​​​​To qualify as a low-income credit union, a majority of the credit union’s membership (50.01 percent) must meet certain low-income thresholds, based on data from the Census Bureau and requirements outlined in NCUA’s Rules and Regulations.

What Are the Benefits to the Designation?

  • An exception from the statutory cap on member business lending, which expands access to capital for small businesses and helps credit unions to diversity portfolios;
  • Eligibility for grants and low-interest loans from the Community Devel​​opment Revolving Loan Fund;
  • Ability to accept non-member deposits from any source; and
  • Authority to obtain supplemental capital.

Who Can Qualify for the Designation?

All federally insured credit unions that meet the eligibility criteria can receive the designation. However, some state-chartered credit unions may not be afforded all of the designation’s benefits if their state’s laws to not allow them.

For assistance in determining whether your credit union qualifies for a low-income designation, contact us at DCAMail@ncua.gov or 703.518.6610.

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