Advancing Communities through Education

Promoting financial literacy is a core credit union mission. Consumers who have a strong foundation in personal finance are essential to a healthy credit union system. Informed consumers make better financial decisions and are able to fully utilize the products and services offered by federally insured credit unions.

The NCUA supports financial literacy and personal finance education efforts and participates in national financial literacy initiatives along with our governmental, private-sector, and non-profit partners. and, the NCUA’s financial literacy and consumer financial protection website, provides online resources dedicated to helping people of all ages learn how to make smart financial decisions. It includes information on such topics as the cost of education, homeownership, retirement, saving, and managing debt. The information is also available in Spanish at

NCUA’s Financial Literacy and Education Resource Center also hosts a Financial Literacy and Education Resource Center, which provides information that credit unions and other stakeholders can utilize in their financial education programs.

Partnerships to Expand Access to Financial Education

The NCUA works in partnership with local, state, and federal government agencies; community organizations; and public-private entities to expand access to financial education, to reach those outside of the financial mainstream using fintech opportunities, and to develop new products and services that improve the financial well-being of all Americans.

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