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Interpretive Rulings and Policy Statements


The following table provides links to CURRENTLY EFFECTIVE Interpretive Rulings & Policy Statements (IRPS) issued by NCUA. The IRPS listed in the table contain guidance and information from NCUA to credit unions. Credit unions should be familiar with IRPS as the information contained in each IRPS can impact the operations of a credit union.

Generally, NCUA withdraws an IRPS once it becomes unnecessary, outdated, or is replaced by a regulation published in the Code of Federal Regulations or a new IRPS. ​

​​IRPS 15-1​Regulatory Flexibility Act Threshold​12 CFR Part 79111/23/2015
IRPS 13-1​​Minority Depository Institution Preservation Program​​80 FR 36356​07/24/2015
IRPS 11-2​Chartering Corporate Credit Unions12 CFR Part 704​02/24/2011
IRPS 11-1​Supervisory Review Committee (76 Fed. Reg. 23871), as amended by IRPS 12-1 (77 Fed. Reg. 32004)

12 CFR Chapter VII

IRPS 10-1​Rule Change for IRPS 08-212 CFR Part 701​06/25/2010
IRPS 08-2​Service to Underserved Areas12 CFR Part 701​12/02/2008
IRPS 08-1​Guidance Regarding Prohibitions Imposed by Section 205(d) of the Federal Credit union Act​07/24/2008
IRPS 06-1​Organization and Operations of Federal Credit Unions​12 CFR Part 701​06/22/2006
IRPS 03-3​Qualified Financial Contracts

​12 CFR Part 709

68. Fed. Reg. 61735

IRPS 02-3​Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses Methodologies and Documentation for Federally Insured Credit Unions​67. Fed. Reg.37445​05/29/2002
IRPS 01-2​Central Liquidity Facility Advance Policy​12 CFR Part 725​04/26/2001
IRPS 98-2​Supervisory Policy Statement on Investment Securities and End-User Derivatives Activities

12 CFR Chapter VII

​63. Fed. Reg. 24097

IRPS 87-2

​Developing and Reviewing Government Regulations (52 Fed. Reg. 35213),

as amended by IRPS 03-2 (68 Fed. Reg. 31949) and 15-1 (80 Fed. Reg. 57512)

​52 Fed. Reg. 35213

68 Fed. Reg. 31949

80 Fed. Reg. 57512




​IRPS 87-1​Guidelines for Compliance with Federal Bank Bribery Law​52 Fed. Reg. 38821​10/19/1987
IRPS 86-1​General Policy on Sharing Confidential Supervisory Information with State

12 CFR Chapter VII

​51 Fed. Reg. 16292

IRPS 85-2​Repurchase Agreements of Depository Institutions with Securities, Dealers and Others​50 Fed. Reg. 48372​11/25/1985
IRPS 83-1​Truth in Lending; Enforcement Guidelines and Restitution Review Procedures

​12 CFR Chapter VII

48 Fed. Reg. 7159

IRPS 82-4​State Unclaimed Property Laws

​12 CFR Chapter VII

47 Fed. Reg. 53325

IRPS 81-7​Sale-and-Leaseback Arrangements

​12 CFS Chapter VII

46 Fed. Reg. 46303

IRPS 81-3​State Chartered Federally Insured Credit Unions as "Most Favored Lenders"

12 CFR Part 741

46 Fed. Reg. 24153

IRPS 80-8​Return of Capital Upon Withdrawal from Membership in CLF

12 CFR 725

​45 Fed. Reg. 47119

IRPS 80-2​National Environmental Policy Act

​12 CFR Chapter VIII

45 Fed. Reg. 12211

IRPS 80-1​Disclosure of Statutory Enforcement Actions​45 Fed. Reg. 6648​01/29/1980


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