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Federal Credit Union Bylaws

​This section of the web site contains the NCUA Board’s most recent version of the Federal Credit Union Bylaws, which has been in effect since November 30, 2007, with minor amendments adopted in 2010. This section also includes previous versions of bylaws and bylaw amendments. The Bylaws have been incorporated into NCUA’s Regulations and are found as Appendix A to Part 701 - Federal Credit Union Bylaws.

Unless adopted by a federal credit union before Nov. 30, 2007, all prior versions of the Federal Credit Union Bylaws are no longer in effect. Federal credit unions that have not adopted the 2007 bylaws should consult the Introduction for guidance on adopting the revised bylaws in their entirety, adopting portions of the revised bylaws or adopting bylaw amendments.

NCUA's Office of General Counsel occasionally issues opinions about particular bylaw amendments federal credit unions have requested. These opinion letters can be found here.​

Federal Credit Union Bylaws

​Revised Date​Federal Register​Link
October 2007 with 2010 changes (current) 72 FR 61495 (Oct. 31, 2007)​
75 FR 81378 (Dec. 28, 2010)
April 2006​71 FR 24551 (April 26, 2006)​ Select​
October 1999​64 FR 55760 (Oct. 14, 1999)​ Select​
October 1991​N/A​Select
October 1987​N/A​ Select​

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