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Credit Union Online

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Overview of Credit Union Online

Credit Union Online is a web-based program used by credit unions and state supervisory agencies to capture and display credit union information. It is comprised of two parts: the Credit Union Profile and the Online 5300 Call Report. This online system replaced the software-based 5300 data collection program as of Sept. 1, 2009.

Credit Union Profile

The Credit Union Profile is a collection of information NCUA maintains about credit unions that is only occasionally amended. It includes all information that was originally collected on the Report of Officials as well as some information collected on the 5300 Call Report that infrequently changes such as Disaster Recovery Information, Emergency Contact Information, and Information Systems and Technology. With every cycle of the 5300 Call Report, credit unions must review and certify their credit union profile.

The profile uses the NCUA Profile Form 4501A.

Online 5300 Call Report

The Online 5300 Call Report system is used to collect the quarterly financial information of credit unions. It includes online instructions as well as prior call reports that credit unions will have the ability to correct if need be. Edits are received in real-time during the completion of the Call Report.  Credit unions will also be able to start a Call Report, save their information and return later to complete it. However, the Call Report cannot be submitted until all errors are corrected.   

Enhancements Added

We listened to users and incorporated many ideas and changes to improve usability and convenience as part of a major refresh of our key reporting system. We improved the user interface, enhanced functionality, and improved warnings, edits and other quality control tools for all users.

We also moved to a new software platform to improve overall stability and functionality. Microsoft Silverlight, a free program, must be downloaded and installed on all computers accessing Credit Union Online.  You will need to install this free software on the system you use to access the CU Online system starting May 28. You can download Silverlight at The new software provides an improved look and feel to the CU Online system.

Most notable of the changes include:

  • Improved user interface – We freshened the look and feel with the help of professional web developers focusing on improving the user interface and convenience.  We eliminated the left navigation bar to minimize scrolling and created more prominent action buttons.
  • Enhanced Printing Options – We enhanced the “printer friendliness” of reports.  You can now print all Call Report cycles and profile data as an Adobe PDF file.
  • Profile Snapshot – We captured the profile data as of the cycle date in an Adobe PDF format for convenient printing. This provides users with a historical re​cord of the profile. 
  • Warnings in the Profile to help prevent errors and improve efficiency – We enhanced the warnings to remind you to enter new information or update existing information, such as outdated audit information.
  • Real Time Call Report Calculations and Edits - Calculations and edits now update during data entry.  You no longer need to click “Save” to refresh.
  • Call Report Historical Warnings – Warnings that compare data between several Call Report cycles update and are available during data entry.  This feature will help you to catch any inconsistencies or possible errors earlier.  We also added the capability to export errors and warnings to Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF.
  • Help Tips and Instructions – We included data entry help tips in each section of the profile. Call Report Forms and Instructions are also very easy to access for each cycle within the online system.
  • New User Role – We listened to many credit unions and added a new user role. You can assign employees or Directors a view-only role that provides access to CU Online information without the ability to edit. 
  • Less Paper, More Savings – Credit unions filing online will no longer receive a letter each Call Report cycle.  NCUA will use NCUA Express to disseminate Call Report information and reminders reducing costs by more than $20,000 per year.

NCUA hosted a webcast for credit unions on Tuesday, May 15, 2012 outlining these and other changes to the online application. For those who could not participate or would like to view the presentation again, NCUA archived the webcast. Click here to view the archived webcast. 


Cycle Due Dates

Your Call Report is due no later than 11:59:59 PM Eastern Time as shown below:

​Cycle Date​​Due Date
​Dec. 31, 2015Jan. 22, 2016
​March 31, 2016​​April 22, 2016
​June 30, 2016​July 22, 2016
Sept. 30, 2016Oct. 21, 2016


Credit Union Online Help​​​ Online Forms

General System Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

2013 Loan Delinquency Reporting Changes (FAQs)

Instruction Guide

Online Profile FAQs

5300 Call Report FAQs

Webcast Presentation - May 15, 2012

Current Cycle Documents: Please select from below.

Note: Beginning June 2015, NCUA modified the form processes. NCUA will post new cycle documents only when changes occur. Also, the 5300 booklet is now divided into four documents, i.e., 5300 Form, 5300 Instructions, 5300 Account Codes, and 5300 Changes.

5300 Call Report - Form

5300 Call Report - Instructions

5300 Call Report -Changes

5300 Call Report -Account Descriptions

4501A Profile - Form

4501A Profile - Instructions

4501A Profile - Changes

If you need to revise previously filed call reports and want to view the forms and/or corresponding instructions, please, go to: 5300 Call Report Forms and​ Instructions Archive

Schema and Account Descriptions

(for Credit Union Software Vendors)

Credit Union Online provides the ability to import Call Report data from external sources. Data that is allowed to be imported must be in XML format and adhere to the XML schema published by NCUA each cycle. Any attempt to import data that cannot be validated by the published schema will be rejected. Credit Unions and their vendors who wish to import Call Report data should download the appropriate schema from the list below and construct their XML document accordingly. NCUA also recommends downloading the Account Descriptions spreadsheet which further describes the accounts being collected for the Call Report.

December 2015​ September 2015

Account Descriptions

Select Select

​Sample XML Files


​Schema for Federal Credit Unions (FCUs)


Schema for Federally Insured State Credit Unions (FISCUs)

​Select ​Select
Schema for Non Federally Insured Credit Unions (NFICUs)

Call Report Edits: Errors and Warnings

Select ​Select

Call Report Import File Test Utility

Used to determine if an external import file conforms to the published 5300 schema. This will enable credit unions and their vendors to submit an import file through the schema validation. Any problems found will be returned in detailed messages, to help speed up the process of building an import file that will be accepted. Please note that this tool will not perform any actual importing of call report data. It is only provided as an aid to credit unions who wish to use the import feature. To access the Call Report Import File Test Utility, click here.​

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5300 Call Report Form & Instructions

Help with Credit Union Online 

​Additional assistance may be obtained by contacting:

OCIO Technical Support