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Corporate System Resolution Costs

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This website details the actual and projected costs incurred by federally insured credit unions as part of the Corporate System Resolution Program (Resolution Costs).

Managing to the least long-term cost consistent with sound public policy is one of the core principles established by the NCUA Board as part of the Corporate System Resolution.  The NCUA Board uses the Temporary Corporate Credit Union Stabilization Fund (Stabilization Fund) to pay only the costs associated with stabilizing and resolving the corporate credit union system, which improves the transparency of NCUA‘s stabilization actions.  The legislation creating the Stabilization Fund allows repayment of those costs over the life of the fund (currently June 2021).

In addition to the information disclosed on this website, the audited financial statements for the Stabilization Fund can be found at the following link: Stabilization Fund Financial Statements.

Since the launch of the Corporate System Resolution Program, the NCUA has consistently communicated that assessments are subject to the current year’s cash requirements as well as projected losses on the Legacy Assets.  Further, the NCUA noted that cash requirements would be higher in the initial years due to repayment of the Medium Term Notes (MTNs) by the Asset Management Estates (AMEs).  The table below indicates the actual and projected assessments as of June 2016.

Corporate System Resolution Costs image



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The links, graphs and charts on this website depict general information regarding losses caused by the Legacy Assets and projections and estimates of future losses and assessments.  Past performance is never a guarantee of future performance and the charts and graphs are not meant to provide a precise prediction of future losses.  Future events could dramatically affect the range of projections and estimates of losses and assessments.  Accordingly, all projections and estimates of future losses and assessments are subject to change at any time.  This website and its related links, graphs and charts are provided for transparency purposes only and without any warranties, express or implied, regarding accuracy, completeness, timeliness or results obtained from any analysis based on the information posted.

​Whenever the term “credit unions” appears on this portion of the website, it refers only to federally insured credit unions.

10/20/2016 9:25 AM