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Chartering and Mergers

​​​Monthly Activity and Insurance Report

This monthly report provides summary statistics for the chartering activity and field of membership actions processed by the Office of Consumer Financial Protection and Access. This report provides specific details about large expansions, community charter actions, and charter conversions. In addition, the report provides summary and detailed information about mergers approved by NCUA's Regional Offices. More

Multiple Common Bond Expansion Report

This report provides year-to-date statistics for multiple common bond expansion requests received by the agency. More

Credit Union Merger Data Application

This application emails the requester a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet of completed mergers for the last three years. Information in the spreadsheet includes the merged credit union's name and address, the merger date, join number (the number used to track credit unions across all events) and charter number, and the new credit union's name and join number. More​

Credit Union Chartering Data Application

This application emails a text file of credit union information to the requester. The file contains charters that have undergone a merger, conversion, liquidation (voluntary and involuntary), purchase or assumption, or charter cancellation. Data is from mid-year 1984 to current, and includes the charter number, credit union name, the event date and type, and the resulting charter number. More​

Community Charter Report

These reports provide data on community charter conversions, expansions and new community charters, and is updated on a quarterly basis. More

Trade, Industry, or Profession Report

These reports provide data on the chartering and field of membership activity for credit unions serving select employee groups. More

Underserved Area Report

These reports identify the number of credit unions expanding into areas considered lacking access to federally insured financial institutions. More​

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