Board Appeals

The NCUA Board’s appeal decisions constitute the agency’s final determination on matters brought before the Board involving individual credit unions. The NCUA posts Board appeal decisions dating back to 1994, with redactions made for personal privacy in accordance with exemption (b) (6) of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Appeals may include claims of creditors of institutions in conservatorship or liquidation; share insurance claims, including scope and amount of coverage; and claims challenging proper share and loan account balances, including whether proper dividend credit has been provided. Other appeals may involve denials of certain regulatory waiver requests by credit unions and requests of the NCUA Board for approval for an insured credit union to hire an individual with a criminal record. Appeals also include field-of-membership requests, including removal of exclusion clauses, requests to add an underserved community, addition of association, community conversion and the addition of select groups.