Annual Voluntary Credit Union Diversity Self‑Assessment

5 Facts about the Credit Union Diversity Self-Assessment. It's a tool for building diversity and inclusion. It's voluntary. It's simple and brief. It has no effect on CAMEL ratings. It's due by December 31.

Thank you for your interest in the Credit Union Diversity Self-Assessment. The assessment is designed to help credit unions assess existing diversity and inclusion policies and practices, and identify opportunities to implement best practices in diversity and inclusion.

Development of effective diversity and inclusion policies and practices takes time. Each year, credit unions will have an opportunity to conduct this self-assessment, and to provide the results to the NCUA. The results, used only in aggregate, will help the NCUA establish a baseline and subsequently, trends on where credit unions are making progress and highlight areas of opportunity. This will help us identify ways in which we can support diversity and inclusion in the credit union system.

Why Diversity is Important for Today's Credit Union Success

Mike Lawson, host of CU Broadcast, discusses the importance of credit union diversity with the NCUA’s Office of Minority and Women Inclusion director, Monica Davy, in this episode of the credit union talk show.

The following tools and resources are available to help you enhance your diversity and inclusion efforts:

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