NCUA Budget and Supplementary Materials

The NCUA regulates, charters and supervises all federal credit unions and insures members’ deposits in all federally insured credit unions to the limits of federal law. Each year, the NCUA Board considers and approves a budget to support these activities.

The NCUA is committed to providing transparency about the agency’s budget. The agency uses zero-based budgeting where every projected expense is justified. Below you will find materials related to previous budgets, including budget summaries, fact sheets, and information on the overhead transfer rate and operating fee. You will also find information describing historical trends related to the agency’s budget.

2020/2021 Budget Documents

2020/2021 Proposed Budget Documents

2019/2020 Budget Documents

2019/2020 Proposed Budget Documents

2018/2019 Budget Documents

2018/2019 Proposed Budget Documents

2017/2018 Budget Documents

2017/2018 Proposed Budget Documents

2016/2017 Budget Documents

2015 Budget Documents

Fact Sheets

2015 Board Member Office Budgets

2015 Overhead Transfer Rate and Operating Fee

2014 Budget Documents

2014 Overhead Transfer Rate and Operating Fee

2013 Budget Documents

2013 Overhead Transfer Rate and Operating Fee

Budgetary Trends

Documents Prior to 2013

Overhead Transfer Rate Background