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For Corporate Credit Unions

​​​​Corporate Chartering Manual

This manual details NCUA's current guidance for the granting of a federal corporate credit union charter. More

Corporate Credit Unions List

List of corporate credit unions as of 2015. More

Corporate CUSO Activities

In 2010, the NCUA Board adopted major revisions to its corporate credit union rule. As part of those revisions, all activities of corporate credit union service organizations (CUSOs) must be preapproved by NCUA. More

Corporate Examiner Guide

The Corporate Examiner's Guide details how NCUA examiners perform their examination and supervision of corporate credit unions. More

Corporate Expanded Authority

These guidelines represent prudent policies, practices, procedures, and acceptable qualifications that must be evident in a corporate for NCUA to approve an expanded authority request. More

Corporate Federal Credit Union Bylaws

These bylaws have been updated to reflect significant regulatory, economic and institutional changes that have taken place since the NCUA Board developed and adopted a set of standard federal corporate credit union bylaws. More​

Corporate Guidance Letters

NCUA's Office of Corporate Credit Unions issues letters to inform corporate credit unions about specific NCUA policies and procedures, compliance, governance, and other timely issues. More

Corporate Merger Information

Includes guidelines for completing the Corporate Merger application, and applies to mergers involving both federal and state chartered corporate credit unions. More

Corporate Reports

This section includes Corporate Reports and Download Corporate 5310 Reports. More

Corporate System Resolution

In light of the critical role corporate credit unions play in assisting natural person ​credit unions in providing financial services to American consumers, NCUA created the Corporate System Resolution Program to ensure their continued ongoing daily operations. More

Analysis of Recommendations for Stabilization and Improvement of the Corporate Credit Union System

Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP., Analysis of Recommendations for Stabilization and Improvement of the Corporate Credit Union System. More

Temporary Corporate Credit Union Liquidity Guarantee Program

Includes information on the Temporary Corporate Credit Union Share Guarantee Program; Temporary Corporate Credit Union Liquidity Guarantee Program; and Temporary Corporate Credit Union Liquidity Guarantee Program participants. More​​

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