Credit Union and Bank Rates 2013 Q2

Comparison of Average Savings and Loan Rates at Credit Unions (CUs) and Banks
June 28, 2013

Data Provided to NCUA By SNL

Product All CUs (National Average Rate) All Banks (National Average Rate) 27 Banks Converted from CUs (Average Rate)
5 YR CD-10K1.281.111.15
4 YR CD-10K1.040.900.93
3 YR CD-10K0.850.740.79
2 YR CD-10K0.630.560.62
1 YR CD-10K0.410.360.39
6 MO CD-10K0.280.230.24
3 MO CD-10K0.190.150.15
MONEY MARKET-2.5K0.170.130.13
INT CHKING-2.5K0.110.100.07
REG SAVINGS-1K0.140.130.10
CREDITCRD CLASSIC11.5612.8510.62
30YR FIX4.113.644.04
15YR FIX3.312.963.19
5/1YR ARM3.213.332.82
3/1YR ARM3.303.422.93
1YR ARM3.313.572.76
UNSECRD FIX369.7510.7211.13
HM EQ 5 80%4.815.355.34
HOME EQ LOC 80%4.214.544.31
48M CAR 2YR OLD2.965.644.38
36M CAR 2YR OLD2.855.594.23
NEW CAR 60MO2.875.194.15
NEW CAR 48MO2.775.084.01


1 There are currently 26 banks that have converted from a credit union, had a credit union merge into them, or acquired a bank that had converted from or merged with a credit union. The names of those banks, with the original credit union name in parenthesis, are: 1st Security Bank (Washington CU), Affiliated Bank (Affiliated FCU), Allied First Bank (Allied Pilots Association FCU), Atlantic Coast Bank (Atlantic Coast FCU), Bank @tlantec (@tlantic Financial FCU), Bank of North Carolina (Sacred Heart of Charleston CU and Roper Employees FCU), Berkshire Bank (Beacon FCU and other CUs), Conestoga Bank (IGA FCU), Citizens Community Federal (Community Schools CU), Coastway Community Bank (Coastway CU), Haverhill Bank (Northeast Community CU), Heritage Bank of the South (AGE FCU), Lusitania Savings Bank (Lusitania FCU), Nationwide Bank (Nationwide FCU), New York Community Bank (Synergy FCU), First Place Bank (Ohio Central FCU), OmniAmerican Bank (Omni American CU), Pacific Trust Bank (Pacific Trust FCU), Umqua Bank (Rainier Pacific FCU), Share Plus Federal Bank (Share Plus FCU), Simplicity Bank (Kaiser Permanente FCU), Sound Community Bank (CU of the Pacific), Sunshine Savings Bank (Sunshine State CU), Susquehanna Bank (BUCS FCU), Think Mutual (Think FCU), and Viewpoint Bank (Community CU).

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