Supplier Diversity


At the NCUA, the commitment and responsibility for advancing diversity in its procurement activities rests with all agency employees who have responsibility for inviting, selecting, evaluating, and approving vendors. The NCUA’s procurement practices incorporate procedures that enhance opportunities for diverse vendors to participate in the agency’s business contracting activities.

Doing Business with the NCUA

The NCUA uses a competitive process to acquire goods and services. This entails conducting inclusive market research to generate a list of vendors who are invited to submit quotes or proposals in response to opportunities. Vendors interested in doing business with the NCUA must register with the agency by completing the vendor registration form.

Although not required, the NCUA highly recommends that vendors also register with the System for Awards Management (, which is the federal government’s central vendor registration database.

To learn more about how to do business with the NCUA, please review our “How to do Business with the National Credit Union Administration” instructional pamphlet.

What We Buy

Listed below are some of the goods and services the NCUA purchases on an annual basis:

  • Asset and Property Management
  • Consulting Services
  • Employment Placement Services
  • Equipment Rental
  • Facilities Support Services
  • Financial and Accounting Services
  • Human Resources Services
  • Information Technology Services
  • Legal Services
  • Mail Services
  • Public Relations
  • Training

Other Sources

The NCUA works closely with other agencies and partners, such as the Small Business Administration, the Minority Business Development Agency, Small Business Development Centers, and others, to support minority-owned and women-owned businesses. These entities provide a broad set of technical assistance services that support the sustainability and growth of small businesses.

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