NCUA Board J. Mark McWatters Farewell Remarks at the July 2020 NCUA Board Meeting

July 2020
NCUA Board J. Mark McWatters Farewell Remarks at the July 2020 NCUA Board Meeting

As Prepared for Delivery on July 30, 2020

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

As the President’s nominee approaches confirmation to the NCUA Board, I will soon wrap up six-years as a board member. I congratulate Kyle Hauptman on his nomination and wish him the very best during his term.

It has been my distinct honor and privilege to serve as the Chair and as a Board Member of the NCUA. I wish to thank each of you who have assisted me on a vast array of issues over my tenure. The list is very long and grows longer each day. To the extent I have succeeded, it’s because of you. Otherwise, it’s on me.

I wish to express special thanks and appreciation to my Chief of Staff, Sarah Vega, and my executive administrative assistant, Katie Supples. Their judgment, guidance, and counsel were invaluable and without parallel.

Sarah joined the NCUA in 2008 and worked with Chair Fryzel during one of the darkest periods for the credit union community. Her experience as a state regulator and attorney enabled her to assist him and the entire NCUA staff in creating a program that saved thousands of credit unions and laid the foundation for the recovery of billions of dollars for the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund. She worked with me when I served as Chair and as a board member with three other Chairs and their Chiefs of Staff. Her service at the NCUA in the positions she has held is without rival in the agency’s history.

Katie also joined the NCUA in 2008 and served with Chair Fryzel and me for six years each. Katie kept the trains — and me — organized and running on time, always in a professional, yet entirely pleasant manner. Like Sarah, she was absolutely invaluable.

I wish both Sarah and Katie all the best in their next endeavors.

I offer my thanks and appreciation to Chair Rick Metsger and his Chief of Staff, Mike Radway, who proved, along with members of my office and the NCUA staff, that it is indeed possible to manage a federal agency for over three years in a collegial, collaborative, and bipartisan manner.

I also wish to offer my sincere thanks to former NCUA Chair Mike Fryzel and to countless members of the credit union community for their insight and judgment over the years.

In closing, I wish my colleagues, Chair Rodney Hood and Board Member Todd Harper, and the NCUA staff the very best.

Thank you.

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