Voluntary Diversity Assessments Due Dec. 30

All credit unions, but especially those with at least 100 employees, are encouraged to complete a voluntary diversity assessment and submit it to the NCUA by Dec. 30. Conducting a diversity self-assessment can help credit unions determine where and how they can benefit from adding to or improving their diversity and inclusion efforts.

The diversity assessment focuses on five keys areas:

  • Leaderships’ commitment to diversity and inclusion;
  • Employment practices related to diversity and inclusion;
  • Supplier diversity policies and practices;
  • Transparency of diversity and inclusion practices; and
  • Assessing and monitoring diversity and inclusion practices.

To ease the process, NCUA has a Credit Union Diversity Self-Assessment Checklist available to help credit unions foster greater diversity in their workforce and membership. This will help create an inclusive culture where diversity and differences can be leveraged into business success. To access the checklist, go here.

The NCUA will not publish diversity information that identifies any particular credit union, unless the credit union consents to such use in writing. The agency will use this information to monitor progress and trends within the credit union system. Aggregate system information will appear in the annual report to Congress prepared by NCUA’s Office of Minority and Women Inclusion.

For more information, visit http://ncua.gov/diversity-self-assessment or contact NCUA’s Office of Minority and Women Inclusion at omwimail@ncua.gov or 703.518.1650.

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