New Guidebook Has Advice for Credit Unions on Digital Services Contracts

Credit unions of all asset sizes are increasingly relying on vendors to provide them with data processing and information technology services. So, how can a credit union navigate through the selection and the contract process?

Credit unions can get information and advice on negotiating contracts for digital services in NCUA’s new guidebook, The Basics of Data Processing Contracts, available now on NCUA’s Small Credit Union Learning Center.

This guidebook provides detailed, comprehensive instructions on negotiating contracts with third-party vendors for digital services, including:

  • Requesting and evaluating bids;
  • Performing due diligence on potential vendors;
  • Negotiating terms, including pricing, performance requirements and liabilities; and
  • Contract management and compliance.

“Knowing how to negotiate a strong contract is essential to running any business,” said JeanMarie Komyathy, Acting Director of NCUA’s Office of Small Credit Union Initiatives. “Credit unions frequently turn to outside companies to provide crucial digital services, including data processing, mobile banking and information technology. If these business relationships aren’t properly managed, a credit union can face potential risks, unanticipated costs and legal expenses. That’s why a good contract is so important, and our new guidebook helps credit unions write those contracts.”

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