New Guidebook Can Help Credit Unions Expand Their Digital Services

Digital banking is no longer the wave of the future, and NCUA has a new guidebook to help credit unions better meet members’ needs for these services.

Going Digital: Strategies for Providing Digital Services, now available on NCUA’s Small Credit Union Learning Center, provides step-by-step instructions on creating a strategic plan for analyzing members’ needs and tailoring digital products to meet those needs. The guidebook also details potential advantages and disadvantages to members and credit unions.

Going Digital covers the elements of an internal analysis credit unions should perform when considering adopting mobile services, including:

  • Costs of offering services and whether they will pay for themselves;
  • Providing adequate online security;
  • Training staff to use and promote services to members;
  • Preparing for changes in the organizational structure; and
  • Managing growth generated by the services.

Going Digital is available at

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