Trade, Industry, or Profession Report (2nd Quarter 2018)

From 1/1/2018 to 6/30/2018

Region Charter Credit Union TIPType Pot Members Effective Date Field of Membership Detail
1 20007 SAGINAW MEDICAL Health Care Industry 415,000 5/21/2018 Employees, independent contractors, or self-employed persons who work regularly in the Health Care Industry in the State of Michigan, that includes the following:-assisted living facilities that provide health care services;
-birthing centers;
-blood, organ and tissue banks;
-emergency medical care;
-ambulatory care providers;
-health clinics;
-health maintenance organizations (HMO) medical facilities;
-home health care;
-medical and diagnostic labs;
-medical transcription services;
-nursing homes;
-nursing services;
-offices of chiropractors, dentists, licensed therapists, optometrists, physicians, podiatrists, psychologists, psychiatrists, orthopedists, radiologists, ophthalmologists;
-pain centers;
-paramedic services;
-medical research facilities;
-pharmacy services; and rehabilitation centers providing medical treatment or licensed psychological or physical therapy.
4 17127 TRUGROCER Grocery and Supermarket Industry 3,169,000 5/8/2018 Employees who work regularly in the grocery and supermarket industry in the United States meaning persons who work for or at:
-grocery stores and supermarkets, including their self- distribution centers;
-grocery merchant wholesalers that have strong dependency relationships with grocery stores and supermarkets, including their self-distribution centers;
-corporate headquarter locations, or regional and division offices, for grocery stores and supermarkets, and for grocery merchant wholesalers that have strong dependency relationships with grocery stores and supermarkets. The grocery and supermarket industry does not include: - non-grocery store parent companies or retail stores such as: warehouse stores, clubs or mass merchant stores; supercenters, super warehouses, hypermarkets (combination of store types); wholesale clubs and mini- clubs; and specialty food stores;
-employees of free-standing convenience and drug stores (whether or not using the same name); food (health/vitamin) supplement stores; discount, general merchandise and variety stores; and third party vendors (even if sharing retail space with a grocery store or supermarket in a combo store format);
-durable goods merchant wholesalers and nondurable goods merchant wholesalers;
-suppliers, manufacturers, merchandisers, brokers representing manufacturers and suppliers or suppliers; or
-store customers.
5 24212 SCHOOLSFIRST Educational   1/31/2018 Expand geographic area served to entire state of California.

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