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Authorization for use of Photograph or Likeness

I hereby authorize the National Credit Union Administration, an agency of the Executive Branch of the United States, its officers, employees, agents and personnel who are acting on its behalf (together “NCUA”) to take and use my photograph or other likeness, and to make and use recordings of my voice, for purposes related to the mission and official business of NCUA. I understand that my photograph or likeness, and my recorded voice, will not be used for any profit-making purpose, sold to third parties, or disseminated or used other than in connection with NCUA-sponsored publications and activities.

I understand and agree that these materials are the property of NCUA and will not be returned and I waive any right to any compensation arising or related to the use of these materials. Subject to these conditions, I hereby release NCUA from all claims, demands and liabilities whatsoever arising in connection with its use or dissemination of my photograph or likeness, and my recorded voice.

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