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Supervisory Program Manager
Office of Credit Union Resources and Expansion

Why did you decide to work for the NCUA?

I was keen on joining the NCUA for many reasons. Prior to joining the NCUA, I interacted with NCUA examiners as the chief financial officer of a credit union. I admired the way they handled examinations from a compliance, safety, and soundness standpoint. This positive experience with examiners made me curious about working at the NCUA. The agency’s attractive benefits, work-life flexibility, and great retirement plan also made joining the NCUA an easy and right decision.

What advice do you have for new employees?

The agency is progressive and provides opportunities to those who are motivated and interested in pursuing a career. Each employee really is empowered to seek out those opportunities and seize them when they are available. I encourage new employees to explore all opportunities to learn and grow.

How does your experience and background contribute to your success at the NCUA?

My credit union experience contributed greatly to my success at the NCUA.  I joined the credit union work force as a teller and left the industry as a chief financial officer. This afforded me an in-depth knowledge of the operations of a credit union, including the issues, challenges, and risks faced by credit unions.  I joined the NCUA as a payment systems specialist and now serve as operations director in the Office of Credit Union Resources and Expansion.  I manage the office’s training, grants, loans, and minority depository institution programs. My previous credit union experience assisted me when conducting examinations and developing rules and guidance.

What are your interests outside of work?

I enjoy choreographing and teaching Indian classical dance for performances. Besides providing mental stimulation, this has taught me patience and assisted me at work when mentoring staff. I also enjoy spending time with my grandchildren.

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