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NCUA Seal Shows Commitment to Credit Union Members


​An executive order signed by President Richard M. Nixon established the NCUA seal on January 20, 1971. The seal has four unique design elements that demonstrate NCUA’s commitment to protecting the millions of Americans who depend on credit unions and ensuring the safety and soundness of the cooperative credit system.

The first element is the roof, which is symbolic of the credit union concept of cooperative protection shared by the common-bond members of all federal credit unions since the chartering of the first federal credit union in 1934.

The second element is the door, symbolic of both the opportunity and the protection given members’ shares through the, at the time, a new instituted program of insurance by the federal government. This program later became the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund. Today, the fund protects deposits at federally insured credit unions up to $250,000 per member.

The third element of the seal is the blue background divided into four sections. This is symbolic of the major advantages of credit union membership:

  • cultivation of thrift, 
  • encouragement to save regularly, 
  • granting of loans for provident purposes at a reasonable interest rate, and 
  • budget and consumer counseling.

The final element is the agency’s name surrounding the seal. This symbolizes the agency’s commitment to protecting the cooperative credit system and its membership.
To view the executive order establishing the NCUA seal, click here.


 NCUA Seal

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