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ONES was established effective January 1, 2013, to oversee the unique examination and supervision issues related to consumer credit unions with assets greater than $10 billion and all corporate credit unions.  Large consumer credit unions pose unique challenges in light of their size in comparison to the NCUSIF.  Corporate credit unions touch the operations of thousands of consumer credit unions through the critical services they provide.  ONES staff includes examiners, lending specialists, capital markets specialists, information systems specialists, and payment systems specialists to focus on key areas of potential risk.  ONES is positioned to adapt its examination and supervision process in keeping pace with the changing financial and operational environment.


For Corporate Credit Unions

Analysis of Recommendations for Stabilization and Improvement of the Corporate Credit Union System
Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP Summary of 01/16/2009 Analysis of Recommendations for Stabilization and Improvement of the Corporate Credit Union System.

Bridge Corporate Policy Statement
A policy statement to address consolidation of bridge corporate credit unions.

Corporate Chartering Manual
This manual sets forth the National Credit Union Administration's (NCUA) current guidance for the granting of a federal corporate credit union charter.

Corporate CUSO Activities
In 2010 the NCUA Board adopted major revisions to its corporate credit union rule. As part of those revisions all activities of corporate credit union service organizations (CUSOs) must be preapproved by the NCUA.

Corporate Examiner Guide
The Corporate Examiner's Guide aims to ensure the overall safety and soundness of the corporate credit union system by providing guidance to NCUA examiners performing examinations and supervision of corporate credit unions.

Corporate Expanded Authority
These guidelines represent prudent policies, practices, procedures, and acceptable qualifications, which must be evident in a corporate for NCUA to approve an expanded authority request.

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