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Congratulations on your tentative job offer for employment here at NCUA!

The civil service requires high standards of integrity and trust to promote the interests of the public. OPM established a suitability program in the Federal competitive service to reduce the potential for abuse of the public trust, to ensure government-wide uniformity and fairness for applicants, appointees, and employees, and to determine suitability for employment. The requirements of this program apply to applicants for employment and to individuals already employed.

Suitability refers to identifiable character traits and conduct sufficient to decide whether an individual is likely or not likely to be able to carry out the duties of a Federal job with appropriate integrity, efficiency, and effectiveness. Suitability is distinguishable from a person’s ability to fulfill the qualification requirements of a job, as measured by experience, education, knowledge, and skills. More on suitability is available here.

National Security Adjudications are made through EO 12968 and EO 13467.  Security Determinations are made in addition to the subsequent suitability or fitness determination.

PIV (Personal Identity Verification) and HSPD-12 Determinations ***
At a minimum, an advance fingerprint portion of a National Agency Check (NAC) must be conducted prior to being granted physical and/or logical access to the agency’s building and IT systems.  Contractor and contractor employees working on any NCUA contract that requires unescorted access to NCUA owned or controlled facilities, access to NCUA information technology (IT) systems and systems’ data will have to meet HSPD-12 requirements.  In some positions, NCUA may require a background investigation at the same level as the NCUA federal employees in the same or similar position. Contractor Onboarding Toolkit

HSPD-12 and Personal Identify Verification (PIV) Requirements

Unless an individual has a record of a minimum NACI background investigation conducted within two years without a break in service, they will be required to undergo a minimum FBI fingerprint check.  All individuals must be fingerprinted and ID proofed prior to being granted access to NCUA facilities or IT systems.  The results of the FBI fingerprint and/or criminal history name check must be received (including disposition information when applicable) and adjudicated prior to EOD. No office or individual has the authority to deviate from this policy.  More information on background investigative requirements is available here.


Eligibility Requirements

Your employment with NCUA is subject to confirmation that you are elIgible to work in the United States. Additionally, new Federal employees and contractors are required to undergo fingerprinting and a background investigation. These procedures must be followed prior to issuance of an ID badge.

As part of the Pre-Hire process, you are required to complete:

1) Personal Identity Verification Process (PIV) for a compliant Federal ID Card; and 
2) E-Qip; the online questionnaire for background investigation for suitability/security

Getting Started... 


PART 1:  Personal Identity Verification Process (PIV)
The following information will help you navigate the process for identity verification and fingerprinting for a Federal
ID Card.

PIV Training

Please carefully read the following Personal Identity Verfication Training document to familiarize yourself with NCUA's PIV Program. In order to receive credit for satisfactorily completing this training, you must sign and submit a hard copy of the included certificate of completion to the Office of Human Resources (OHR). 
Personal Identity Verfication Training  
Setting Your Appointment for Fingerprinting & ID Proofing
You will receive an email from the GSA/FEDID card system asking you to make an appointment to have your fingerprints/picture and ID proofing done. If you do not receive the email within the next 24 hours, please contact your sponsoring office.

Follow the link below to find a fingerprinting center, and make an appointment.
GSA Shared Locations
Helpful Resources (for further reading on PIV) 



PART 2:  E-Qip (Electronic Questionnaire)
Fill out the required information in E-qip (Electronic Questionnaire) through the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) for the background investigation.

Completing the Application
E-Qip Instructions and Application

Please read the E-qip instructions, you will be prompted to establish your “golden questions” once you log in the first time. You will then use these questions to log back in and out until you finish. Anything you enter will be saved. There are four steps at the end before you complete the entire E-qip process. When complete, you will sign the three signature pages; “release” your submission to the agency” and receive a message that says “farewell” – you won’t be able to log back in at the last step, and the investigation along with your electronic fingerprints (taken at your appointment) will be sent to OPM for the investigation.

Review the attached documents and sign where required. You can scan the documents and email to your Sponsoring office; upload them in E-qip OR fax the forms back along with the E-qip signature pages (three) at 703-837-2325 when you have completed the E-qip submission.

Helpful Resources
Frequently Asked Questions about E-qip
Background Investigation Information
Obtaining a copy of your completed investigation