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Board Member Fryzel Newsletter Articles


Publication Month Article / Link
​September A Year to Remember
​August Let It All Hang Out
​July Pen, Paper, Stamp and a Little Time
​June It's Time for Congress to Act
​May Everyone Comes Out a Winner
​April Derivative Investment
​March Less May Be Best
​February The Extra 30
January An Idea Made Better



Publication Month Article / Link
​December ​Time To Reassess
​November ​Repairs Needed
​October ​Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
​September ​ZzZzZzZ
​August ​Sharing the Blame And the Credit
​July ​One Size Fits All—Not Anymore
​June Consistency/Standardization
May What's in a Number?
April The Crash Network
​March The Rites of Spring
February No Mr. Nice Guy
January Make No Small Plans



Publication Month Article / Link
December NCUA Budget Talk
November Common Sense Approach is Always Best
​October Separate Jobs: One Goal
September Striking Balance: to Regulate CUSOs or Not?
August The Story Behind NCUA Rule Making
July Removed

A Two-Way Street

May Fiduciary Duty Requirements- Directors Should Use Common Sense to Protect a Credit Union's Common Cents
April The Choice is Still Yours
March Success Through Community Involvement

Knowledge is the Key to Success

January Game Change



Publication Month Article / Link
December NCUA Budget Talk
November Conversations with Defense Credit Union Council
​October Resolutions for the New Year
September No newsletter this month
July/August All Aboard the Member Business Loan Express
June We Learn from Each Other
May Tough Times Tough Decisions
April A Partnership of Strength
March In Need of a Crystal Ball
February Too Big to Fail; Too Small to Save
January Turning the Page to 2010