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Resources and Information

In this section, consumers and organizations can find and research specific credit unions; locate educational resources on financial literacy, privacy, and identity protection; and read about the programs, laws, and regulations that govern credit unions and corporate credit unions.


Consumer Resources

NCUA has created a website solely for consumers:

Here you will find consumer specific information about credit unions such as:

         Chartering a Credit Union

         Consumer Assistance Center

         Consumer Privacy

         Fraud Information Center

         Share Insurance Fund

For Credit Unions

Your guide to member business lending, Information Systems and Technology resources, credit union development, and NCUA’s express subscription service.

Most Requested Resources:

For Corporate Credit Unions

Topics include Corporate Credit Union Guidance Letters, the Corporate Stabilization Program, and guidance on National Fields of Membership requests.

Most Requested Resources:

All Resources

Credit Union and Bank Interest Rates

The charts in this section compare the average savings and loan rates at credit unions and banks, including 15 and 30 year fixed mortgages, 5/1 year and 3/1 year adjustable rate, mortgages, CDs, car loans and other products.

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Make a FOIA Request

In this section, you can learn about the Freedom of Information Act, how to submit a request, where to find most requested records, and how NCUA is working to improve its FOIA services.


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Asset Management of Closed Credit Unions

This office conducts credit union liquidations and performs management and recovery of assets. This section shows available real estate, loans and other assets as well as unclaimed deposits.


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