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Office of Small Credit Union Initiatives

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The Office of Small Credit Union Initiatives (OSCUI) supports the success of small credit unions through training, consulting, grants and loans, and partnership opportunities.  OSCUI recognizes the unique role small, low-income designated, and new credit unions play in the lives of their members and communities.  We are committed to helping these credit unions not only survive, but thrive.



and Loans​


  and Outreach

Tools Grants Training Partnership

OSCUI provides free consulting services.​

OSCUI provides loans and grants to low-income designated credit unions.

OSCUI sponsors free training for credit unions throughout the country.​

​OSCUI identifies non-NCUA programs and services for credit unions.


OSCUI Videos and Webinars

Click here for Videos and Webinars produced by the Office of Small Credit Union Initiatives.



Have a question about OSCUI and/or the programs we offer - Contact us.  We're available by email or telephone.