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NEW Board of Directors Training Series

This series will discuss training board members, understanding financial statements, conducting effective board meetings, understanding key ratios and trend analysis, developing operational policies, understanding examination concerns and strategic planning and more. The videos will provide a better understanding of what board members should know to effectively and efficiently provide oversight to credit unions. At the conclusion of each video, there will be a quiz and if you successully pass it, you will have an opportunity to earn a Certificate of Completion.​

Board Video Module 1

Board of Directors: What Every Board Member Should Know (9/11/2015)

Understanding the keys to effective board management are the thrust of “What Every Board of Director Should Know,” the first in a series of educational videos exclusively for credit union boards of directors. This module will cover developing a sound governance program, evaluating and supporting the manager and reviewing the qualities of an effective and ineffective chairman.

QUIZ  What Every Board Member Should Know Quiz

If you successfully pass the quiz, you will be emailed a Certificate of Completion approximately one week later.


Board Video Module 2

Board of Directors: Understanding the Financial Statements
(coming soon)

The second video in our Board of Directors Series is designed to introduce financial statement concepts to board members with non-financial backgrounds. This video will cover income statements and balance sheets. ​

Board Video Module 3

Board of Directors: Conducting an Effective Board Meeting
(coming soon)

The third video in our Board of Directors Series is designed to cover the importance of conducting structured meetings, responsibilities of the Chair during the board meetings and what credit unions can do to improve their meetings.

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CDFI Fund Certification (03/20/2015)

Interested in becoming certified as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI)? Then check out our five-part series which shows how a CDFI certification can open financial doors to your credit union and assist you in serving the underserved. This series discusses subjects that include the seven criteria that must be met as well as the benefits of certification. You'll also see three success stories from credit unions that have the certification.​

Fraud Image

OSCUI Fraud Series (07/24/2014)

This video series on fraud prevention is entitled: Deterring, Preventing & Detecting Employee Dishonesty. The videos will discuss how credit unions can bolster their internal controls to deter insider fraud and employee dishonesty. Credit union managers and volunteers will also learn how to identify potential clues that are warning signs for fraud.​

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Small Credit Unions + Service = SUCCESS (02/12/2014)

This video highlights how three credit unions identified needs within their communities and stepped in with needed financial services. They took advantage of OSCUI's consulting services assistance and together maximized the benefit the credit union could provide to their members and the communities they serve.​

Consulting Program Image

OSCUI Consulting Program (11/05/2013)

This 3-module training will provide you information on the benefits of OSCUI's Consulting Services Program. Modules cover topics such as what services are available, who's eligible to enroll, and how you can apply. You'll also hear from credit unions who have participated in the program.​

Supervisory Training Image

Supervisory Committee Training Modules (09/13/2013)

This 6-module training on Supervisory Committee Responsibilities includes a general overview which should be reviewed first.  The other 5-modules can be viewed in any order. These videos will show you  the roles you play as supervisory committee members and the responsibilities you'll engage in to meet those roles in your credit union.  ​

Webinar Image

OSCUI: Navigating for You (05/30/2013)

This video showcases the programs of the Office of Small Credit Union Initiatives that assist small and low-income designated credit unions in meeting the evolving financial needs of their members and communities. ​

Direct Assistance Video Image

Direct Assistance from the Office of Small Credit Unions Initiatives

This video provides an overview of the Consulting Office of Small Credit Union Initiatives.  Learn how the Economic Development Specialists can assist your credit union.



All Webinars are 90 minutes in length.


Webinar Image

NEW Internal Controls & Accounting Tips for Small Credit Unions (08/19/2015)

This webinar discussed how small credit unions can maintain adequate internal controls to ensure the safety and soundness of their member’s funds. Discussion topics included the purpose of internal controls, segregation of duties, Supervisory Committee Audits, appropriate use of the prepaid account, proper accounting for OREO's, and more.

Webinar Image

Fine Tuning Your Compliance Program (07/21/2015)

This webinar discussed how you can fine tune your compliance program and avoid violations. It also reviewed how credit unions can navigate through a number of common compliance violations as well as cover areas that are most frequently out of compliance during NCUA exams, including Bank Secrecy Act Violations, Fair Lending Act Violations, Flood Insurance Act Violations, Privacy Act Violations, and more.

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Remittances (6/17/2015)

This webinar discussed facilitating the transfer of funds overseas and important considerations respecting money transfer services including which countries receive the most money transfers; how to choose the appropriate remittance partner; BSA and other regulatory issues to consider; and where remittances rank in priority for immigrant services.

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Cybersecurity - The Basics (5/20/2015)

This webinar discussed the NCUA's collaboration with the FFIEC to develop a self-assessment guide for use by the credit union industry. Also reviewed were statistics on losses due to cybercrime and other key concerns like consequences for failing to protect member information, precautionary measures to protect member information, other best practices, and information on a new $7,500 Cybersecurity grant.

Webinar Image

NCUA 2015 Grant and Loan Opportunities (4/28/2015)

This webinar discusses the grant application process and the four grant initiatives for the Spring grant round that NCUA will fund: cybersecurity, building capacity branching, digital growth and new products and services. Also you'll hear a credit union share their experiences with using grant funds to introduce mobile banking applications and remote deposit capture services to their memberships.

Webinar Image

Successful Strategies for Field of Membership (FOM) Expansion (3/25/2015)

This webinar discusses using data to maximize membership growth, using a business plan template to assist with applying for FOM expansion, as well as a review of the Field of Membership Internet Application (FOMIA). It also includes a profile of Newrizons Federal Credit Union who successfully modified and penetrated into a new FOM.

Webinar Image

SBA Webinar: Balancing Loan Portfolios with SBA Guarantees (3/4/2015)

This webinar is the first initiative of the new NCUA-SBA partnership. The panel discusses what programs SBA offers to small business, how these loan programs can enhance a credit union’s member business lending program, and the requirements for setting up and managing an SBA-loan program.

 Webinar Image

Opportunities in the Underserved Market (2/18/2015)

This webinar discusses what credit union products and services appeal to the underserved market, and their revenue potential; and what credit unions already have in place to successfully embrace the unbanked and underbanked markets

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Internal Controls (12/17/2014)

The webinar covers how to build effective internal controls with a small staff, how to minimize employee dishonesty, and how to avoid common internal control mistakes.

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Building a Loan Portfolio: Four Keys to Lending (11/19/2014)

This webinar discusses loan products, pricing, underwriting and collections.

Webinar Image

Product Pricing: Getting It Right (10/15/2014)

This webinar covers how loan size matters to profitability, how to set rates based on internal metrics, and how some decisions made "in the name of the member" may be unprofitable.

Webinar Image

Merger Best Practices (09/17/2014)

This webinar discusses when to consider merging, merger structure and negotiations, cardinal characteristics of a credit union heading towards merger, and how to maximize benefits for credit union members and staff.

Webinar Image

Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery (08/20/2014)

This webinar outlines effective continuity planning and practices for credit unions including communicating with members, regulators and vendors; establishing back-up and recovery sites in separate locations; restoring IT services; and returning to normal operations. It also includes testimonials from a few credit union CEOs who recounted their experiences with natural disasters like Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Katrina.

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Mobile Apps (07/09/2014)

This webinar discusses how consumers are using mobile technology and mobile applications to meet their financial needs. There is also details from credit unions that have successfully developed and implemented their own mobile strategies.

Webinar Image

How to be in Compliance with OFAC and FinCEN - Part 2 (06/25/2014)

Using real-world scenarios and case studies, this webinar covers matters such as reporting requirements, emerging money laundering threats, and how to create a more effective anti-money laundering compliance program.

Webinar Image

How to be in Compliance with OFAC and FinCEN - Part 1 (05/21/2014)

This webinar provides an overview of OFAC’s and FinCEN's programs, their enforcement authorities and their relationships with other financial services regulators.

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Small Dollar Lending (04/16/2014)

This webinar discusses how some credit unions have created short-term lending programs that work for their members and factors to consider before starting such a program.

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NCUA’s BSA-MSB: What You Need to Know (03/19/2014)

This webinar discusses the critical elements of an effective Bank Secrecy Act compliance program.  At the conclusion of the webinar, users will have the opportunity to qualify for a Certificate of Completion.

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Field of Membership Expansion (02/19/2014)

This webinar provides valuable information on several topics relating to field of membership including how to determine when an expansion makes sense strategically; advantages of each type of federal charter; and policy requirements for various expansion options. It also discusses where you can find additional information.

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Examination Modernization (01/22/2014)

This webinar gives an overview of the changes NCUA made to streamline and improve the consistency of the examination report process. You'll also get a better understanding of the new procedures related to the Documents of Resolution and the examination report.

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Profiling Products and Services for Underserved Members(01/15/2014)

This webinar is a follow-up to the 01/23/2013 webinar, Strategic Uses of the Low-Income Designation. You'll hear from three credit unions that are at different stages of developing products and services to meet the needs of the underserved market.

Webinar Image

Succession Planning (12/17/2013)

This webinar discusses the importance of establishing an effective succession plan. Hear from a credit union manager who has completed the succession planning process for a number of scenarios including emergency CEO succession and the advancement or dismissal of key personnel.

Webinar Image

Deterring Employee Fraud (11/14/2013)

This webinar provides real-world case studies that will explain how a well-trained, active supervisory committee and strong internal controls are effective means of deterring employee fraud.

Webinar Image

Risk-based Lending (10/22/2013)

Webinar provides an overview of risk-based lending and how it has become an important part of consumer lending. It also discusses how to develop lending programs depending on risk qualifications.

Webinar Image

Member Business Lending - Part II (09/25/2013)

Part two of our two part series on Member Business Lending is where you'll hear NCUA staff discuss the most common member business lending errors that trigger DORs and how to avoid them.  Learn, from a panel of experts, the right and wrong ways to maximize your business lending.

Webinar Image

Member Business Lending - Part I (09/17/2013)

Part one of our two part series on Member Business Lending concentrates on Strategy and Policy. Hear the agency's requirements for a successful member business lending program.

Webinar Image

Budget Preparation (08/13/2013)

This webinar discusses the rationale for designing and implementing a budget that captures the strategic mission of a credit union. It also outlines the process for creating a budget, gathering the required documentation and identifying other budget preparation issues.

Webinar Image

Will Secondary Capital Work for You? (07/31/2013)

Secondary Capital allows low income credit unions to temporarily boost their net worth ratio thereby allowing the credit union to take in more deposits and loans. 

Webinar Image

Driving the Bottom Line: Results through Marketing (04/23/2013)

This webinar includes discussions from marketing experts who outline various marketing strategies to help credit unions improve outreach to current membership as well as those that are eligible for credit union membership.

Webinar Image

Net Worth Restoration Plans: A Path to Recovery (02/20/2013)

This webinar featured experts from NCUA's Office of Small Credit Unions Initiatives who reviewed NCUA's capital requirements for credit unions and the net worth restoration plan process. It also featured insight from a staff member of a credit union that has gone through the process.

Webinar Image

Strategic Uses of the Low-Income Designation (1/23/2013)

This webinar covers strategic uses of the low-income designation and how credit unions can leverage the designation to improve and increase services to low-income members. Sample products and services targeted to the underserved are profiled.

Webinar Image

Credit Union Mergers (12/14/2012)

This webinar focuses on the root cause of mergers; whether strategically, economically or financially driven. Industry professionals address the realities associated with reasons for mergers.






Presentations Image

Helping Families Build Assets (10/22/2012)

Office of Community Services – U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services (Co-sponsored with OSCUI).  The purpose of the presentation was to introduce credit unions to Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) in general, and HHS’ IDA program, in particular.

Presentations Image

Credit Unions 101 (9/26/2012)

Aspen Institute.  The purpose of the presentation was to introduce and educate community/social service providers about credit unions.  The social service providers work with low-income individuals who need access to financial products/services.


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