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OSCUI Training Schedule

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​Date ​Type ​Location / Title ​To Register
​2/19/2014 ​Webinar ​FOM Expansions - Strategies for FCUs Go to Video Page
​3/19/2014 ​Webinar ​BSA/MSB - What You Need to Know
(Certificates will be given upon passing test)
Go to Video Page
​4/5/2014 ​Boot Camp ​Minneapolis, MN Completed
​4/12/2014 ​Boot Camp ​Baltimore, MD - Now scheduled for Sept. 13th. Rescheduled
​4/16/2014 ​Webinar ​Small Dollar Lending Click here
​5/21/2014 ​Webinar ​How to be in Compliance with OFAC and FinCEN (Part I) Click here
​6/7/2014 ​Boot Camp ​Los Angeles, CA Click here
​6/7/2014 ​Boot Camp ​Baton Rouge, LA Click here
​6/11/2014 ​Webinar ​Cyber Security Awareness Click here
​6/25/2014 ​Webinar ​​How to be in Compliance with OFAC and FinCEN (Part II) Coming Soon
​6/21/2014 Workshop​ ​Honolulu, HI Click here
​6/21/2014 ​Workshop ​San Antonio, TX Click here
​7/9/2014 ​Webinar ​Mobile Apps (First Website, Mobile
Banking, Remote Deposit, etc.)
Click here
​7/23/2014 ​Workshop ​Pittsburgh, PA ​​Click here
​7/26/2014 ​Boot Camp ​Newark, NJ Coming Soon
​8/16/2014 ​Boot Camp ​Milwaukee, WI Coming Soon
​8/14/2014 ​Workshop ​Gulf Port, MS Click here
​8/16/2014 ​Workshop ​New York, NY Click here
​8/20/2014 ​Webinar ​Disaster Recovery Click here
​8/23/2014 ​Boot Camp ​Albuquerque, NM Coming Soon
​9/13/2014 ​Boot Camp Baltimore, MD Coming Soon
​9/16/2014 ​Boot Camp ​Miami, FL Coming Soon
​9/17/2014 ​Webinar ​Merger Best Practices Click here
​9/20/2014 ​Boot Camp ​Chicago, IL Coming Soon
​9/20/2014 ​Boot Camp ​Philadelphia, PA Coming Soon
​10/15/2014 ​Webinar ​Product Pricing Click here
​11/19/2014 ​Webinar ​Building a Loan Portfolio Click here
​12/17/2014 ​Webinar ​Internal Controls Click here


Going Green

OSCUI is going GREEN! In keeping with our GREEN initiative, we will no longer provide hard copies of training materials during our live sessions. We encourage all participants to download materials for use once you've registered. Links to materials will be provided in your registration confirmation message!

Resource Manual


To download the Credit Union Leadership Resource Manual, click the icon to the left.


Need assistance registering for a training session?  Email us at For information about our other programs and services Contact Us.

Promotion Section of OSCUI Microsite

What You Need to Know About BSA

We've posted our extremely popular March webinar entitled BSA-MSB: What You Need to Know. It's on our Videos and Webinars Webpage. Review the webinar, take the test, and you can qualify for a Certificate of Completion.