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​Category: ​Non-Profits
Agency Name: ​SCORE
Supported by the U.S. Small Business Administration

Target Credit Union Participants:

Low-income designated and small credit unions.

Program Objective:

Through its network of more than 12,000 experienced, working and retired volunteers, SCORE provides services to businesses at no or little charge.
Eligibility Requirements:

Open to all business types, including credit unions.

Program Features:

SCORE provides a variety of support services to businesses, including: volunteer mentors with expertise drawn from a broad range of categories, business counseling electronically or in-person, access to webinars and workshops, and online business tools. Services are available to new and seasoned businesses.

Mentoring services are free and confidential, and are accessible through more than 300 locations throughout the country. Mentors provide general business advice on every aspect of business planning, start-up, management and growth. Specifically to credit unions, SCORE has agreed to match credit union requests for mentoring with SCORE retired credit union staff when possible.
Program Materials:
From SCORE’s website, you can find a mentor, register to attend a workshop or webinar, or access free online tools.
Contact: ​For credit unions seeking mentoring services, contact Paulette Mills by email at or by phone at 1-800-634-0245.

For more information about SCORE visit its website at