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Net Impact​ ​
​Category: ​Non-Profits
Agency Name: Net Impact

Target Credit Union Participants:

Businesses, including credit unions, seeking qualified human resources.

Program Objective:

Net Impact “empowers a new generation to drive social and environmental change on campus and throughout their careers.” It does this by matching college students and professionals with jobs that are geared toward positive impact in their communities socially and/or environmentally. Volunteering to assist a credit union may appeal to a socially motivated individual with the expertise you need.
Eligibility Requirements:

​Open to all business types, including credit unions.

Program Features:

Net Impact will allow your credit union to examine the credentials and get job or internship candidates who consciously want to make an impact through their work or volunteer experience. Or you can post a project for completion by an undergraduate or graduate student, faculty member, professional, or group.

Program Materials:
Net Impact has a variety of resources on its website including an archive of Impact At Work webinars featuring employers/partners that have used the service; and a Toolkit to assist with project planning.
Contact: ​Website: