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A s s e t P l a t f o r m . o r g​ ​
​Category: ​Non-Profits
Agency Name: ​Asset Platform - Aspen Institute

Target Credit Union Participants:

​Low-income designated (LID) or CDFI credit unions.

Program Objective: is a resource for staff at nonprofit organizations that provide financial education, coaching and asset development services. The AssetPlatform provides online products and services including training, calculators, assessment tools, consumer-friendly financial products and links to experts.
Eligibility Requirements:

​Credit unions that offer the following products and services may be listed on the AssetPlatform Credit Union Locator:

  • Alternative payday loans
  • Microconsumer loans
  • Credit builder loans
  • Small - dollar or small-investment CDs
  • Secured credit cards
Program Features:

An user can readily find the product or products they are looking for and this locator will identify credit unions within a 10-mile radius that provide the products listed above.

Program Materials:
  1. ​AssetPlatform Financial Products Locator - Credit Unions:  click here.
  2. Credit Union 101 Webinar:
Contact: ​Website: