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One of our many initiatives is the administration of the national Small Credit Union Program Consulting Service. We provide “free” consulting assistance to credit unions enrolled into the program.


What is our Consulting Service?

Consulting is delivered by Economic Development Specialists (EDS) who provide hands-on consulting service to credit unions for a broad scope of needs ranging from operational to strategic management. OSCUI’s Consulting Program for operational jobs include budgeting, internal controls, policy development, regulatory compliance, and training of officials and staff. Strategic jobs include developing new products and services, marketing plans, strategic and business plans, field of membership expansion, funding opportunities, and succession planning. Additionally, assistance with Net Worth Restoration Plan (NWRP) or Revised Business Plan (RBP) is offered to small credit unions; plus consulting services to groups wishing to organize a credit union.

Who is eligible for Consulting?

A credit union must possess one of the following in order to be eligible for program enrollment:

  • Low-Income designated credit union;
  • A credit union with less than $50 million in assets;
  • A Minority Depository Institution (MDI);
  • Group wanting to charter a credit union; or
  • Newly chartered credit union less than 10 years old.

How does the program work?

  • Applications ​for possible enrollment are accepted up to May 31st and November 30th.
  • Applications are reviewed in June and December, and enrollment selections made at that time.
  • Enrolled credit unions are notified at the start of the consulting cycle. (Those not accepted for enrolled are also notified.)
  • The consulting cycle runs January through June, and July through December. (Credit unions enrolled for the respective cycle receive service in that time period.)

How do you apply?

A credit union is nominated for possible enrollment in the consulting program by two methods:

     (1.) You can contact your NCUA examiner and request they generate the nomination document.

     (2.) You can self-nominate for enrollment by completing this form.

For more information about our services and how to complete the application form, please refer to these instructions.


Need additional information about our consulting services?  Send us an email at For information about our other programs and services Contact Us.

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Need a Vendor?

Check out our new online tool, the Credit Union Service Provider portal or CUSP. The CUSP portal is free and provides information about registered vendors that can help you research service providers. The portal will not offer reviews or endorsements. Vendors register through the federal government's System for Award Management database to participate in CUSP.

To get to the CUSP portal or to see how to register as a vendor, visit our CUSP page.