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Annual Report

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This is the first time this report is being made available externally. Consistent with the communications strategy that we implemented in 2012, we are making the report available to all our stakeholders.

We significantly redesigned our services or delivery methods in several program areas during 2012. Our objective was to improve credit union experiences with our office. The “2012 Achievements” report emphasizes these service enhancements.

For example, in 2012 we:

  • Substantially changed the Consulting Program last year, moving to semi-annual enrollments in June and December.
  • Made greater use of electronic media to deliver live and on-demand training to credit unions.
  • Implemented online applications for our Grants and Loans Program.
  • Expanded our Partnership and Outreach efforts.

Through issuing the report to credit unions, we hope to increase your awareness of OSCUI as a valuable resource for your credit union in the areas of consulting, grants and loans, training, and other resources.

Click here to review our "2012 Achievements" report.

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