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FOIA Requester Service Centers

NCUA FOIA Service Center

Contact NCUA’s FOIA Service Center if you have any questions about the FOIA process, to obtain information about the status of your FOIA request or to ask a question about the documents you received from us under FOIA.

​How to Contact Person to Contact

1775 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA  22314

Phone:  (703) 518-6540
Fax:  (703) 518-6569

  • Regina Metz, Staff Attorney/FOIA Officer
  • Charles Smith, Regulatory Affairs Analyst ​


If you are not pleased with the assistance you receive, you may contact the following people at the service center:

FOIA Public Liaison:
Linda Dent, Associate General Counsel​

Chief FOIA Officer:
Lara Rodriguez, Deputy General Counsel​