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NCUA has taken important steps to strengthen the corporate credit union system, including the implementation of a new regulatory framework with more robust corporate capital standards. During the corporate capital raise period, credit unions made important choices about the future of bridge and undercapitalized corporate credit unions, including whether or not to recapitalize their corporate or, in the case of bridge corporates, support a newly chartered entity to assume the operations of the bridge.  The transition phase of the corporate system resolution encompasses the resolution of undercapitalized and bridge corporates whose member-driven solutions were not successful.  This includes a balanced migration of member credit unions to new service providers.  NCUA remains firmly committed to ensuring continuity of service and operations for bridge and undercapitalized corporates including the orderly and timely transition of member credit unions to new service providers.

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CSR-43 NEW:  Frequently Asked Questions ​Questions and answers regarding the status of Western Bridge Corporate Credit Union