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NCUA Fraud Related Issuances


Click on a Fraud Alert name or Letter Number (below) to see the relevant document.

​Fraud Alerts


​Alert ​Subject ​Enclosure ​Date
FA-01-2011 AT&T/Credit Union SMishing Scam (consumer-related) ​N/A ​10/2011
FA-02-2011 ​Fraudulent NCUA Corporate Checks (consumer-related) ​N/A ​10/2011
FA2010-01​ ​Phishing Attempt - E-mail Solicitation Using NCUA Address ​N/A 10/2010​
​FA2009-02 ​Fraudulent Electronic Funds Transfers ​​N/A ​09/2009
FA2009-01 ​Fedwire Phishing Scheme ​​N/A ​01/2009
​FA2008-06 Text Message Scam​ ​​N/A ​04/2008
​FA2008-05 ​Credit Repair Scam Through Claim of Identity Theft ​​N/A ​04/2008
FA2008-04 ​Phishing Attempts – Targeting Credit Union Employees ​​N/A ​04/2008
FA2008-03 Phishing Attempt – E-mail Solicitation Using NCUA Region 1 Address​ ​​N/A ​02/2008
FA2008-02 Fraudulent Activity - ​Vishing ​​N/A ​01/2008
FA2008-01 ​Identity Theft - Fraudulent Home Equity Line of Credit & Wire Transfer Activity ​​N/A ​01/2008



Letters to Credit Unions


​Number ​Subject ​Enclosure ​Date ​Status
LCU2008-11 NCUA Website Enhancements – Fraud Information Center​ ​N/A ​05/2008 Active​
LCU2008-10​​ ​Mortgage Loan Fraud Report ​​N/A ​04/2008 ​Active​
LCU2005-20​ ​Phishing Guidance for Credit Unions and Their Members ​​N/A ​12/2005 ​Active​
LCU2004-12​ ​Phishing Guidance for Credit Union Members Select ​09/2004 ​Active​
​LCU2004-06​ ​E-Mail and Internet Related Fraudulent Schemes Guidance N/A​ ​04/2004 ​Active​
​LCU2004-05​ ​Fraudulent E-Mail Schemes N/A​ ​04/2004 ​Active​
LCU2003-12​ ​Fraudulent Newspaper Advertisements, and Websites by Entities Claiming to be Credit Unions N/A ​08/2003 ​Active​
LCU2001-09 ​Identity Theft and Pretext Calling Select ​09/2001 ​Active​
​LCU2000-02 ​Identity Theft Prevention ​N/A ​05/2000 ​Active​