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For Credit Unions


  • Asset/Liability Management & Investing

    This section contains a collection of information for credit union investments and asset liability management, including investment pilot programs, guidance papers, consultant studies, ALM procedures, and the Asset Valuation Workbook.

  • Automated Integrated Regulatory Examination System (AIRES) Exam Info

    NCUA examiners use our Automated Integrated Regulatory Examination System (AIRES) to complete examinations on their laptop computers. AIRES is a combination of Visual Basic and Microsoft Excel, Access, and Word programs.

  • Central Liquidity Facility

    The CLF is a mixed ownership government corporation created to improve the general financial stability of credit unions. The CLF exists to help credit unions meet their liquidity needs.

  • Chartering and Field of Membership Resources

    This section provides resources to help organizations start a new credit union, and help existing credit unions expand their field of membership.

  • Consumer Compliance Regulatory Resources

    This section contains educational and compliance tools to help credit unions comply with laws and regulations governing consumer lending.

  • Credit Union Bonds

    NCUA regularly updates this list of bonds approved for Federal Credit Union use. This list included the Credit Union Bond Form Number and the Carrier.

  • Credit Union Online

    A web-based program that captures and displays credit union information. This section gives an overview of the system, online forms and instructions, schema and account descriptions, as well as link to the application.

  • Downloadable Graphics

    Visit this section to download the NCUA insurance seal graphic, signs, and brochures. These graphics may be printed and/or used in credit union web pages.

  • Fair Lending Compliance Resources

    This section contains fair lending educational and compliance tools to help credit unions comply with fair lending laws and regulations.

  • Field of Membership Internet Application (FOMIA)

    The FOM Internet Application (FOMIA) allows NCUA member credit unions to add associational and/or occupational groups of 2,999 potential members or less as well as the non-natural person corporate account associated with that group.

  • Financial Literacy Resources

    This section contains financial literacy and education resources to facilitate credit union financial literacy and outreach efforts.

  • Fraud Information Center

    This section provides information on current fraudulent schemes, common frauds, as well as how to report a fraud.

  • HMDA Reporting

    This section provides information and links to the FFIEC web site's area regarding HMDA Reporting.

  • How To Start A Credit Union

    This section provides resources to assist in the formation of a federal credit union, and outlines the steps necessary to begin the chartering process.

  • Hurricane & Disaster Information

    NCUA provides recommendations for federally insured credit unions to perform periodic reviews of the disaster preparedness and response plans, with a goal of minimizing interruptions of service to members.

  • Information Systems & Technology (IT)

    These Resources are related to NCUA's Information Technology procedures, including examination resources, laws, Letters to Credit Unions and upcoming speaking engagements and conferences.

  • Interest Rate Risk Resources

    These Resources help credit unions better understand and prepare for changes in interest rates, and the risk those changes present.

  • Letters to Credit Unions

    NCUA issues letters to inform credit unions about specific NCUA policies and procedures, compliance, governance, and other timely issues.

  • Letters to Federal Credit Unions

    As with letters to credit unions, NCUA issues letters to inform Federal credit unions about specific NCUA policies and procedures, compliance, governance, and other timely issues.

  • Member Business Lending

    Under NCUA's member business lending (MBL) rule, the NCUA Board may exempt federally insured, state-chartered credit unions for compliance with the NCUA MBL rule if the Board determines the state has developed an MBL rule that minimizes risk and accomplishes the overall objectives of NCUA's rule.

  • NCUA Learning Center

    A training module for Federal Credit Union volunteer officials designed to introduce financial statement concepts to board members with non-financial backgrounds. The training module covers income statements, statements of cash flow, and balance sheets. The cost of the training is $15, collected via ACH, using information collected during the registration process. For additional information, see the Directors' Financial Literacy Online Training Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Nontraditional Mortgage Product Illustrations of Consumer Information

    Credit Unions may utilize these illustrations to provide consumers with information that is designed to help them make informed decisions when selecting and using nontraditional mortgage products. This section provides information regarding the exhibits as well as downloadable PDFs in English and Spanish.

  • Office of Small Credit Union Initiatives (OSCUI)

    This section provides information about programs, services, and other resources focused on small, low-income designated (LID), and new credit unions.

  • Quarterly U.S. Map Review

    Developed by the Office of the Chief Economist, the NCUA Quarterly U.S. Map Review is part of an ongoing effort to provide timely, easy-to-use analysis of credit union data and analytics to the public.

  • Risk Alerts

    NCUA issues Risk Alerts when we identify credit union practices that result in significant potential risk to net worth and require immediate action.

  • S.A.F.E. Act

    This section includes links and resources pertaining to the Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act (S.A.F.E. Act) which mandates a federal registry for credit unions and their employees who are "mortgage loan originators" (MLOs).

  • Share Insurance Toolkit

    This toolkit contains a variety of helpful resources regarding NCUA's Share Insurance protection including electronic calculators to calculate a credit union's estimated one percent capitalization deposit amount one to calculate their estimated operating fee for the current year. There are also links to other Share Insurance information.

  • State and City Economic Data

    This section contains variety of indicators for unemployment and house price growth rates by city and state. The data is presented in a spreadsheet format and compressed file.

  • Supervisory Letters

    Letters to NCUA examiners on range of supervisory and regulatory issues.

  • Supervisory Review Committee

    NCUA's Supervisory Review Committee is an independent intra-agency appellate body established to review material supervisory determinations. This section contains further information on the Committee, its functions, and its members.