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Supervisory Review Committee

Supervisory Review Committee NCUA’s policy is to maintain good communication with all credit unions it regulates and supervises. NCUA staff and credit union management are encouraged to resolve disagreements informally and expeditiously. The NCUA Board expects that most disputes will be handled in that manner. The Supervisory Review Committee and other appeals processes are available for certain disputes that cannot be resolved informally.

NCUA's Supervisory Review Committee is an independent intra-agency appellate body established to review material supervisory determinations, including:

  1. Composite CAMEL ratings of 3, 4, and 5 and all component ratings of those composite ratings;
  2. Adequacy of loan loss reserve provisions;
  3. Loan classifications on loans that are significant as determined by the appealing credit union; and
  4. Denials of technical assistance grants.

Appeals must be submitted in writing and mailed or delivered to Chairman, Supervisory Review Committee, NCUA, 1775 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA 22314-3428 or you may submit your appeal via email to

Committee structure

The committee consists of three senior staff members, appointed by the NCUA Chairman. They serve for a term of one year and may be reappointed for additional terms. The NCUA Chairman will designate one member as the chairperson. Currently the members of the Supervisory Review Committee are:

  • Joy Lee, Special Assistant to the Executive Director
  • Gerard Poliquin, Secretary of the Board
  • Judy Graham, Program Officer

Meetings may be held in person or via teleconference. A majority vote is required for action on an appeal. Meetings will be scheduled, as appropriate, by the chairperson on an as need basis.

For more information

Additional information including background, scope and procedures for filing an appeal, can be found in Guidelines for the Supervisory Review Committee.