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Letters to Credit Unions - 2014

​Number ​Subject ​Date ​Status
14-CU-10 ​Identifying and Mitigating Risks of Money Services Businesses ​December 2014 ​Active
​14-CU-09 ​Projected 2015 Share Insurance Fund Premium Range ​December 2014 ​Active
14-CU-08 ​Home Equity Lines of Credit Nearing Their End-of-Draw Period ​July 2014 Active​
14-CU-07 ​Contractual Agreements with Credit Union Service Organizations (CUSOs) ​June 2014 ​Active
14-CU-06 ​Taxi Medallion Lending ​April 2014 ​Active
​14-CU-05 ​​Liquidity Requirements Take Effect March 31 ​March 2014 ​Active
14-CU-04 ​Derivatives Applications Open March 3 ​February 2014 ​Active
14-CU-03 ​Civil Money Penalties to be Assessed for Late Call Report and Profile Submissions in 2014 ​January 2014 ​Active
14-CU-02 ​Supervisory Focus for 2014 ​January 2014 ​Active
14-CU-01 ​Supervisory Guidance on Qualified and non-Qualified Mortgages ​January 2014 ​Active