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Letters to Credit Unions - 2013

​Number ​Subject ​Date ​Status
​13-CU-15 ​Private Student Loans ​December ​2013
13-CU-14 ​Projected 2014 Stabilization Fund Assessment and Share Insurance Fund Premium Range ​November ​2013
13-CU-13 ​Changes to NCUA Regulations Related to Credit Union Service Organizations ​November ​2013
13-CU-12 ​Supervisory Guidance on Enterprise Risk Management ​November ​2013
13-CU-11 ​Electronic Filing of Call Reports and Extended Filing Dates for 2014 ​October ​2013
​13-CU-10 Guidance on How to Comply with NCUA Regulation §741.12 Liquidity and Contingency Funding Plans ​October ​2013
13-CU-09 ​Examination Report Modernization ​October ​2013
​13-CU-08 ​Reporting Elder Abuse or Financial Exploitation ​September ​2013
13-CU-07 ​Loan Participation Waivers ​September ​2013
13-CU-06 ​2013 Corporate Stabilization Fund Assessment ​August ​2013
13-CU-05 ​Guidance:  Investing in Securities without Reliance on Credit Ratings ​June ​2013
13-CU-04 ​Streamlined Process for Evaluating Low-Income Designation ​April ​2013
13-CU-03 ​Supervisory Guidance on Troubled Debt Restructuring ​April ​2013
13-CU-02 ​Member Business Loan Waivers ​February ​2013


Supervisory Focus for 2013

​January ​2013