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Letters to Credit Unions - 2011

​Number ​Subject ​Date ​Status
11-CU-17​ ​NCUA Office of Consumer Protection ​October 2011 ​Active
11-CU-16 ​State of the Credit Union Industry ​October 2011 ​​Active
11-CU-15 ​Changes to U.S. Savings Bonds Sales ​Sept. 2011 ​Active
11-CU-14 ​Temporary Corporate Credit Union Stabilization Fund Assessment ​Sept. 2011 ​Active
11-CU-13 ​Emergency Financial Services for Disaster Victims ​August 2011 ​Active
​11-CU-12 ​Disclosing CAMEL Ratings to Federally Insured State Credit Unions (FISCUs) ​August 2011 ​Active
11-CU-11 ​Impact of U.S. Debt Downgrade ​August 2011 ​Active
11-CU-10 ​Federal Reserve Bank Excess Balance Accounts Fact Sheet ​July 2011 ​Active
11-CU-09 ​Online Member Authentication Guidance Compliance Required by January 2012 ​June 2011 ​Active
​11-CU-08 ​Voluntary Prepayment of Assessments Program ​June 2011 ​Active
11-CU-07 ​State of the Credit Union Industry ​June 2011 ​Active
​11-CU-06 ​Technical Assistance Initiatives ​June 2011 ​Active
11-CU-05 ​Planning and Preparedness for a Potential Government Shutdown ​April  2011 ​Active
​11-CU-04 ​Financial Education and Financial Literacy Initiative ​April 2011 ​Active
​11-CU-03 ​State of the Credit Union Industry ​March 2011 ​Active
​11-CU-02 ​Call Report Modifications ​March 2011 ​Active
​11-CU-01 ​Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Concerns ​January 2011 ​Active